Behind the smile is a brilliant brainWaxing lyrical about my twenty plus years of entrepreneurial experience, coaching and leading individuals and teams to outstanding results; and about how apparently I am one of the world’s best kept secrets is for others to talk about.

Not my circus, not my monkies as the saying goes.

In all honesty, I am simply a powerful woman with a fire in my soul choosing to help others stand up to bullies, set the world on fire (metaphorically speaking) and burn the bullshit rhetorics to the ground, whilst creating a world where we all feel seen, heard and understood.

Oh yeah, and I swear. So if you are a ‘Delicate Daisy or Derek’ who is more offended by swearing than the human rights violations happening in the world, then best you leave now. It will be best for everyone.

Being selective in regard to who I work with is becoming even more important than ever, and it has nothing to the do with dividing society or having a broom up my backside. I just know that unless you are prepared to go all in and leave ego at the door, we are not going to work well together.

And yes, I do have a strong moral compass which guides me to the projects I choose to take on, and like many others in life, I have made my fair share of mistakes. I have believed others when they say they want to write and publish books for the greater good of humanity and social justice, when really they just wanted to wax lyrical about being an author. It has been a steep learning curve trust me!

Here’s a newsflash for all those considering becoming one of my authors:

Being an author for me actually means something and all those cheap and nasty tricksters aka business coaches and PR agencies out there telling you to ‘write a book, it will be great for business’ are missing the whole point of being an author, in my humble opinion anyway.

Author is the root word of ‘authority’ and it is the authorities of the future I choose to be, and choose to work with.

And yes, everything is a choice. EVERY THING we have in our life right now is a result of a set of choices we have made in our lives. Want a different life? Make different choices. Simple.

My kind of people are the ones who are here to change the world, and we’re not interested in titles or having our egos rubbed.

To write a book of substance in any genre is to go deep, so if you work with me, we will go deep, because we are creating your legacy. We are working towards your legacy being a source of powerful and positive change in the world for everyone; and this work is not for everyone, even though many would like to think it is.

Impeccable service is delivered to all of you who are brave enough to be one of my clients, and I am not like any other coach you have worked with. I am tough, funny and I get my ‘witchy woo woo’ on too.

My repertoire of work is vast, and apparently my inquisitive mind is astounding, no pressure there then! Bringing fresh insights and perspectives to your legacy, all gained from 20 years of international travel, living and working in over fifty countries across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Australasia, my team and I will make sure your book and legacy reaches far and wide making it as evergreen and as widely acceptable by a large multi-cultural audience as possible.

My clients and readers span five continents, multiple ethnicities, cultures and languages, and I am often heard speaking five languages often in the same sentence, but you know what excites me? (Other than food, books and intelligence?)

Human rights, social justice and real freedom for all is what excites me.  It always has done. I’ve always disliked bullies and I will not stop my relentless mission to give a voice to the voiceless through my books, your books, podcasts and articles until I stop seeing these injustices the world over. Which means there’s a lot of work to do, books to write and voices to be given a microphone to.

So, if you are wanting to learn how to create a powerful and profitable legacy, believe you are ready to learn from and with me, collaborate and change the world together, start by reading my books listening to my podcasts and if what you see here on this site inspires you, send me a message and let’s see where this journey takes us.

No time wasters though. No one has got time for that.

In my spare time, when I am not ‘faffing around the world on yachts’ as many like to think I do, I am an original PreEminent Posse member, Executive Editor and Contributor for PreEminence Magazine, the highest calibre magazine for female change makers in the world, and I have a regular column on MSP News Global.

I’m also a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and working towards my PhD with Oxford University in the field of Human Rights and Social Justice. So you know, plenty to keep me out of trouble … perhaps! Who knows what I will get up to on my travels.

Want to keep updated? Join my inner circle for private conversations – you know, those things we had before the likes of Zuckerberg and his ilk emerged.

You won’t find me on social media either, so either subscribe to my blog, my podcasts or join my inner circle. I look forward to seeing you on the flip side!

Ciao for now!