author coaching

Want to become an author?

Well now you can in just 7 weeks with my 7 week Author Course!

Yes it is possible.

  • With 22 hours of coaching,
  • 7 Training modules and workbook
  • 5 x 1 hour Author mindset videos
  • And so much more!

Everything you can imagine to ensure that you get your book written, designed, ready to publish, including how to create a bestselling campaign in just 7 weeks!

Yep! In just 7 weeks you’ll have your first draft written ready for editing.

In 7 days I wrote my first international bestseller and 7 days later it was ready for purchase and an international bestseller on three continents,

That takes focus, preparation and dedication.

It takes a why so strong that nothing will stop you, and I will support you throughout the journey.

I will take you through the whole process, covering the following:

  • Your why
  • The benefits for YOU
  • Styles and formats
  • Blocks and flow
  • Defining your audience and marketing to them
  • Formats, style and content
  • Multiple Income Streams
  • Artwork, ISBN, Key words, appropriate listings
  • Book tours & a bestseller campaign
  • Registrations
  • Mindset
  • Launch Day!

And a whole lot more!

This course is not for the faint hearted. It is not for those who procrastinate, or make excuses. It is for those serious about writing that book they have long since talked about.

Do you want to:

  • Share trade secrets and insider knowledge
  • Create your own pension plan
  • Become an authority in your industry
  • Create additional incomes streams for yourself or your business
  • Expose an injustice and or corruption
  • Share an incredible story of thriving after illness, trauma or abuse
  • Share your rags to riches tale inspiring others
  • Inspire others to travel, cook or learn a new skill
  • Pass on academic knowledge in a way everyone can understand

Whatever the reason for your book, if you are really serious about publishing it, then the 7 Week Author Course is the perfect opportunity to make this business game changer and dream come true.

Why me?

  • Bestselling author of BIG IMPACT books
  • Author of Evergreen, not flash in the pan books
  • An established author willing to give YOU my time, experience and know how as an author AND entrepreneur
  • I am just like you, no journalism or English Literature degree, simply someone with an engaging style of writing and a passion for making a positive powerful impact by sharing my knowledge, skills and experience with the world!

There are ONLY 7 places available due to the time and investment my team and I will be giving you.

This is not manipulation marketing, just simple mathematics of time, so make sure you ACT NOW to secure your place on the course!

With only 7 places on the course you are guaranteed VIP treatment for the duration of the program.

Now there really are NO EXCUSES to getting that book you should write, written.

Email Dawn today to find out more.

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