AUTHORity MasterMind

In today’s connected world, social justice and human rights need to be at the core of every organisation which chooses to grow and expand into the future.

With recent global events unfolding in a variety of ways, social activism is more important than ever before, and it doesn’t mean venting on Facebook or burning cars (or bras) in the street.

With 20 plus years working with high level business executives, board members and leaders in the public sector, as well as being a social activist, and working towards her PhD in Human Rights and Social Justice with University of Oxford, there really is no better person to bring the AUTHORity MasterMind Collection to fruition.

During the MasterMind, you will get to dive deep into:

  • Leadership models past, present and future and what no longer applies in this modern world
  • Natural Born Leadership and the Ethics and Morals of what it takes to be a new world leader
  • Cultural Diversity and Community Cohesion as a the bridge to excellence and harmony
  • Social Justice and Human Rights as a way of life in the heart of every organisation
  • Understanding who you are and your worth in creating global change on a much deeper level
  • How to expand your brand and use your story for greater impact around the world
  • Mastering the Art of Media, PR and Networking with the voices that matter without being silenced
  • Author coaching and accountability to get your game changing book written and published
  • Launching and publishing an evergreen book with Dawn Publishing, the Social Justice Publisher of Choice

Each MasterMind module will come with a ceritificate of participation and learning for you to display and use in the future.

If you are:

  • Wanting to see integrity, social responsibility and accountability in your industry
  • A political leader, doctor, educator, journalist or scientist who wants to lead transformation
  • Moving careers from your 6 and 7 figure corporate job to start your own high end consultancy
  • A heart centred purpose driven Entrepreneur with a growing team
  • Or a visionary ‘finger on the pulse’ Board Director for a large Corporation

Joining forces in the exclusive MasterMinds for 7 select individuals who wish to give a voice to the voiceless, or a louder voice to the projects that matter, you can guarantee that the collaborations and networking alone will be worth the investment.

To find out more about the AUTHORity MasterMind Publishing Deal, please send your enquiry through to us using

Dawn Publishing: The Social Justice Publisher of Choice! 

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Dawn talks about books, the future of business, parenting & a dose of uncomfortable truths.

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