ALPHAWriting this book was an experience like no other.

Getting acquainted with the porcelain aka the toilet wasn’t a whole heap of fun I can tell you!

I would write, cry, sleep, then write, cry sleep some more.

When it was done and sent off, I went to sleep and then woke up ‘with a start’ having realised I had missed vital parts of the story, so set about writing them into the next version.

This is a story which was ‘gifted’ to me to over a decade ago, and so to finally be able to release it into the world was a relief.

To say a story about female genital mutilation (FGM), marital rape and sex trafficking is a gift may sound strange, but for someone to share their story with you because they ‘know you will do a great job raising awareness’ is an honourable gift to have been given.

Last night whilst I was on a call with my publishing manager Linda, she confirmed that Alpha has been entered into a competition for outstanding writing.

I went to bed humbled, excited and nervous.

There are only two people whose opinion I care about when it comes to my writing, Linda’s is one of them, the other one is my editor Kelsey.

Linda has been with me for the last six years and has helped me become a better writer and publisher simply by her being herself, having high standards and loving books as much as I do.

I am humbled that she felt Alpha is worthy enough to go into the competition, then I was excited that I might just bloody well win the prize, and then nervous because, well… what if I don’t win?

And if I don’t, what does that say about the story which is so important and a story that was trusted to me by an incredible woman?

Would I have let her down?

Would my efforts of telling her story not be as good as I had wanted them to be?

You see it doesn’t matter how many times I have become an International Bestseller with my books, each book is new, each one so very different to the last, and each writing process brings with it an experience different to the one before it.

Being entered into this competition for outstanding writing is an honour in and of itself, so for that I am truly humbled.

I am already a winner, even if I do not win the number one prize.

Having looked at the competition entries, there are some truly talented writers in the line up. Just being showcased alongside them is an accolade in and of itself.

To win the prize, we all need to outsell every other author who has been entered.

The fun thing for me is one of these fellow competitors is one of my very own authors Nath Brye with his adult fantasy book BloodChild, the second book in the Democ-Chu Series.

Nath and I are having some friendly banter and competition between the two of us, cheering each other on and just enjoying being part of the process; because like I mention above, we are already winners because we have been recognised by our peers for our outstanding writing.

For anyone to be recognised by their peers is a great honour, and to be entered into a competition… with the chance for the industry they work in to also know about it… that’s just bloody magical!

I have spent today on and off crying happy tears, feeling humbled and so incredibly grateful

Yes, I can be a ‘tough cookie’ and speak to the very heart of a matter, but gratitude and humility are core values for me, and well… this book… and the entire The Sacral Series... this is my most important body of work thus far.

Taking some time out to process this, whilst travelling deeper into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest is much needed, and no doubt I will get restless and continue reasearching more content for my up and coming books in this series, as well as my next series of books The Mermaid’s Guides.

Both collections contain my life’s work, and have culture, social justice and leadership at the core of them, and give lead to the eleven new authors I will support with my powerful team of experts on The AUTHORity MasterMind.

For now though, I do believe it is time for a cup of tea, a moment to reflect and make sure everything is ready for my 4am start in the morning.

Before I go though, I would like to thank all of you who have supported me on this journey to becoming the woman I am today, the writer I am today, and for being part of my growing community.

Your words of encouragement, your support, and your commitment to learning more about the world we live in and making a difference to others, as well as yourself, means the world to me.

Thank you for BEING here, and thank you for BEING YOU.

Much love, and gratitude, as always,

Dawn x