Embodying the Celtic FireDon’t you just love it when you receive an email from someone, and in the conversation they let you know about a few collaborations you are supposedly part of?

I mean, news travels so fast I didn’t even know about these collaborations!

Racking my brain, which is used to holding a lot of details on various projects I work on, whilst researching some pretty harrowing social justice issues around the world, I couldn’t for the life of me think who this woman was referring to.

So I went to the said list of potential collaborators and one by one I was able to rule out every single one of the possibilities.

Who could this woman be referring to?

Now I know that some people have befriended me because I am apparently a hot topic of conversation, the ‘cool friend’ who has written various books in a week (and less) and who travels non stop around the world even in a plandemic, mainly by sailboat.

I also know I have been the hot topic of many a ‘bitchfest’ due to ‘abandoning my children’ and how could I even possibly think about not having one of the latest offerings of injections if it meant not ever seeing my children again!?

The operative word in the last sentence is ‘THINK’

You see, I do a lot of thinking, perhaps maybe I ‘overthink things’.

I guess it comes with the nature of the job of writing about political and social justice, or rather injustice, exposing corruption and finding solutions by understanding the depths of cuture in many guises.

Having been a puzzler all my life, and apparently a member of Mensa at the age of around 14 thanks to puzzles I used to fill in at the back of the newspaper just to pass the time, I like to follow patterns and connect the dots.

Leave no stone unturned they say, and as a sailor I don’t like to have holes in the boats I am sailing on, so you can guarantee I am going to make sure everything I write and speak on is going to be as close to the truth as humanly possible.

My reputation kinda relies on me speaking the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me GUS (That’s God – Universe – Source for those not in the know).

Plus there is the fact I tell my boys to ALWAYS be honest with me, and I can’t really go asking that of them if I am sharing information I know to be false, which I might add has been a challenge for me writing the books in The Sacral Series.

You see when you are writing a true life story of someone’s experience, but need to keep their identity a secret to protect them, their loved ones and their legacy; and you write it as fiction, you have a very difficult balance to master.

The books in The Sacral Series are the shortest books I have ever written.


Because I have kept to what I know without discussing anything else about them, or making up things to give a back story to their lives I know nothing about. It wouldn’t feel right for me, it would be out of integrity and an abuse of their trust in me.

Giving the individuals a different identity and ethnicity to highlight the same situations happening in a different part of the world, are the only changes to their stories I have made.

Obviously the conversations between me and said individual(s) are paraphrased from memories made together, notes taken and from the situations we found ourselves in.

Everything in these books is as close to the truth as possible ensuring integrity at the highest possible level.

They are not easy reading by anyone’s stretch of the imagination, so you can bet your life they are not easy to write about. We are currently at Book 4 in the Series of 9, so almost at the half way point.

I have cried tears of happiness at the memories made, relief that these stories can now leave my energetic field, and sadness for what these incredibly courageous people have gone through; and in a few cases because these people are no longer with us, and yet through the courage they have shown, their legacies live on.

With Alpha, I even got acquainted with the porcelain, if you understand my meaning. Her story has been in my energetic field for about twelve years at the time of going to print. It awakened a depth of knowledge on a subject I had been learning about, and continue to be a voice for in my own private networks.

I am investigating part of her story for a much bigger story, which will make an appearance in Social, Book 6 in the Series.

The books are only going to get harder to write, the depth of research even deeper and the risks involved with writing said stories even greater; but if I don’t write these books, they will remain inside my consciousness and I will dishonour all those affected by the stories and the lives they touch.

Embodying that level of selfishness and turning a blind eye to the subjects I now know about on such levels just isn’t acceptable for me.

Walking this path isn’t easy, but then sleeping at night knowing I knew these truths and doing nothing about them wouldn’t be easy either, and would eat me up from the inside out and cause all kinds of dis-ease in my body.

Pay attention to the two italicized phrases in the last sentence. They are a clue to what happens when we ignore things we shouldn’t be ignoring.

With my up and coming AUTHORity MasterMind something which has been postponed a few times so I can find the right match of eleven masterminders to take part with me and my six fellow experts, we are going to be walking a minimum of nineteen paths that will change the world.

Why nineteen?

Because the individual paths of the eighteen of us involved, plus the combined path we take together will be incredibly powerful. Then we have the combined journeys of the collaborations and partnerships which will take place throughout and after the 9 months are over.

And yes, it is a 7 month mastermind, but there is month 8 which I call the ‘After Shock After Care’, and the 9th month will be when each of the books the eleven participants write, and the book collaboration my team and I write, will go into the publishing schedule of my publishing company.

So you see, it’s a pretty intensive mastermind, or rather a ‘proper mastermind’. Not a weekend conference masquerading as a mastermind, or a week long training course pretending to be a mastermind.

THIS IS A MASTER MIND because those who take part know how to master their minds, lead their industries of choice and back themselves and the cause they are fighting for 100%.

They know the investment is high, and they don’t care because if the investment is not high then they are not being called forward to become what it takes to one of the forerunners on a global stage.

The numbers for those who have not realised it yet are underpinned by numerology, 7, 9, 11 and 33, a study of numbers and the divination behind them.

Some people thing it is all thanks to Hermione Granger from the world created and written by J K Rowling, but they would need to go back a couple of thousand years to 569BC to when the Philospher Pythagoras was around.

(Oh how my maths teacher Mr Glover would be proud of me these days!)

Changing the world for the better takes people of courage, commitment and confidence like no other, and they need to have the right support network around them; and that is what my team and I have created for them: a sacred space for them to ascend their life’s work, purpose and passion into something that will change the course of history in such profound ways.

A bold statement and yet I know my team and I have everything it takes to make it happen. We are the ones who have worked at the highest levels in our fields, won awards, led organisations and helped developed social justice movements around the world.

We have the expertise, the experience, the capacity and the heart centered leadership to lead these global leaders to even greater success than they ever thought possible; and we have the teams to support thier next level of elevation and brand expansion.

So these collaborations I mentioned at the top of this post, and the fact the news of them travels so fast I don’t even know about them, just can’t be happening because I am going all in with the Authority MasterMind, because this is my life’s purpose.

This is what I was born to do.

This is what my life’s work and journey has brought about.

For me to serve others at the highest level possible so I can fulfil my purpose of helping to transform the world on a global scale, leaving behind a legacy so powerful it will live on for centuries after I have gone.

There is no playing small, or playing games when you enter my space, so if you are one of the eleven ready to master your mind, expertise and purpose, then click on this link and book a call with me to see if this is the right mastermind for you.

We are going to be spending a lot of time together, five of us more than most on a 1:1 basis, so we have to be able to connect and see this through.

This is not for the faint hearted, nor am I.

If you are in, you are in for the entire ride.

This is the long game vision, not the ‘cut corners and make excuses’ kind of experience.

There is no going back once you are in.

And as Delia says in Eat, Pray, Love “Having a baby is like having a tattoo on your face, you got to be committed”.

The same is true for the AUTHORity MasterMind.

You are either all in, or you’re not; or as I like to say “You are either pregnant or you’re not, you can’t be half pregnant”

So are you all in?

Book a call with me if you are, and just know this is a high 5 figure investment point, so if you are not ready to go all in, don’t waste my time booking a call with me, otherwise you will be sent an invoice for a 4 figure sum…. and that is before the decimal place.

Ciao for now, and remember to enjoy the ride, helping others to enjoy it too!

In service to your highest greatness always,