Cheeky red headWe all know by now I am a tad controversial, and what I am about to say is no different really.

It may not be politically controversial, but in the world of business?

Well… I may just be laughed out of town.

And as always, I am not really that bothered.

What am I talking about?

The endless stream of pop-ups that jump out of the screen at you whenever you visit a website.

No don’t get me wrong, I understand the need to collect people’s email addresses for delivering exclusive content and offers to those who are really interested in our work and services.

But really?


If we are not getting fat on cookies, we are opening up the lid on the endless stream of pop-up jars.

Having just been discussing with Jerry, aka ‘The Legend that is Lampson’, who handles this space in the cyber world, we have come to the agreement that pop-ups are insulting and disrespectful.

And even come off as desperation.

Do we as intelligent human beings have to have things popping up in our faces just to take notice of something?

Or are we still small children fascinated by the jack in the box jumping out time and time again?

I would say 99.9% of the time I close the pop-up when visiting a website because I am looking for something in particular.

I am not looking for a free pdf download, or wanting to sign up to ‘another newsletter’.

If I want to learn about the person or company, I will do my own research and do my own due diligence on them, rather than have the individual or marketing team wax lyrical about how brilliant and necessary they are.

And I would expect you all to do the same when it comes to working with me.

This may go against the grain of what we are all told to do by the “marketing experts”

But how many of those marketing experts are actually thinking about something other than collecting email addresses?

Which when speaking with many of my friends and peers, we end up entering fake email addresses just so we can access what’s behind the pop-up.

Then there’s the pop up shops.

Here today, gone tomorrow.

A great way to do market research in particular areas testing products and services, and an upscale version of a market stall.

But what if the product doesn’t stand the test of time promised?

Where do you go back to?

And let’s look at the reverse of this concept.


I am a digital nomad, always on the move, never really staying put in one location for very long.

Many opportunities I’ve been nominated for by those who ‘know, like and trust’ me have been denied to me by the heads of organisations because I “don’t stick around, so how can (she) support the organisations growth?”



The last time I looked we all have the internet and staying connected is now easier and more possible than its ever been.

One woman told me the reason why I was refused a board position within the global women’s network she belonged to was because I “confronted the f*** out of them all with my strength and courage”.

And that’s all well and good. These women have their own stuff to work through…

No doubt I do when it comes to be insulted by the pop-ups,

But when you consider the depth of cultural experience and insights I can bring to a global organisation,

And my strength and courage that intimidate these women, it seems pretty ridiculous that I would be dismissed simply because I am sailing and travelling around the world researching for my next series of books.

Surely as an empowered woman living this lifestyle, I am just the right kind of woman to empower other women?

Or are my ovaries just a tad too big for their Bridgets?

Speaking of ovaries, my latest book

The Potent Power of Menopause: A Culturally Diverse Perspective of Feminine Transformation 

is soon to be launched and I am so bloody excited about having just seen the artwork concepts!

Very juicy and exciting I can tell you!

If you want to be part of my launch team which means you get a copy of the manuscript PDF (in exchange for a review of course!), then make sure you sign up for my email list

Because in next week’s email I will be telling you how to get your hands on the manuscript before anyone else!

And not just this manuscript, but all future manuscripts.

There are limited places on my launch team, so make sure you are quick to get in.

No procrastinating because I need people I can trust, and who can read a manuscript in a couple of weeks and who will review the book on launch day for me and my authors.

Right now though, it’s time for a cuppa tea. No cookies, no pop-ups, pop tarts or pop corn, just good ole’ Twinnings Lady Grey Tea.

Well, you can take the woman out of England but you can’t take the English tea out of the afternoon!

(Not that tea is English, but you get what I mean!)

Ciao for now my lovelies, until next time!

D x