The eyes have itFans, followers, stalkers, friends and chosen family.

All people who choose to be in our life… and our business.

True Fans is a phrase which causes a lot of debate, more so than I realised if I am honest.

Back in my teenage years before I discovered techno, I used to enjoy singing along to Madonna, Cher and NKOTB – and to those not in the know that’s New Kids On The Block.

Oh, and Bros, A-Ha, Wet Wet Wet, Fleetwood Mac, Diana Ross… you name it I would be singing and dancing to all sorts.

I was, and still am, a true fan of singing and dancing.

When it comes to sports wear, there is only one brand for me and that’s Adidas – but being in Latin America as a European woman finding (original) Adidas clothing in my size is near to impossible.

When it comes to reading certain books, I have my favourites too, and I will read each book they bring out.

Take Matt Ridley for example. I may not always agree with his views on certain subjects, but I just love how he makes the science of biology accessible for folks like me that find science fascinating but really should not be left alone in a science lab.

When he launches a new book, I get excited. Just like when I do when Grant Cardone releases a new book.

I then got to thinking to myself… “How cool is it that many of my readers feel the same way about my books!”

Then I thought to myself “How come there are no longer any women I get excited about when they release a book?”

Most of my all time favourite female authors are sadly dead, other than Lisa Lister… who is very much alive and kicking!

So where are all the iconic female writers of today?

And I don’t mean the regulars such as the rich and famous who hire the ghostwriters to write their books and then claim the work as their own,

I’m talking about the prolific female writers who write powerful books over and over again about the subjects that matter.

The female authors like myself.

(I mean… I can’t be the only one, surely!?)

Doris Lessing has always been a huge inspiration for me, writing more than 50 novels and winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, most of which I have read.

I am a true fan of Doris Lessing in many ways.

Her books were powerful, her activism relentless and her MI5 and MI6 files which were made public made for impressive reading.

Lessing also wrote under the pseudonym Jane Somers just to prove how difficult it was for new authors – especially women – to get published.

A woman, who if I had to choose someone else other than myself to be ‘when I grow up’, it would be her.

When you look at all the awards she won, you will understand why she was so delighted with her ‘royal flush’ – and why I have more respect for her than the modern day female leaders around the world who ‘write’ books.

Some may say I am a book snob, and to be honest I take that as compliment, because the books I read help make me a better human, a more informed human and help me to make the world a better place.

The books I write – and help others to write – are not about gaining another an ego rub which we get to brag about, nor is it to add another zero to our income levels – which is always nice,

But they are about changing the global narrative for the better, creating positive and powerful change in the world, and leaving a legacy behind which will continue to impact humanity for generations to come.

So, if like me, you want to drive real change in the world, and leave a powerful legacy behind using the tool of real literature, then make sure you send me a message so we can discuss what’s possible for you and your vision.

Especially if that vision is one such as mine and Lessing’s.