I Want To Become An Author. Where Do I Start?
When It Comes To Being An Author, I Surveyed Over 10,000 Authors And Compiled This List Of Top Tips


How do you muster the courage? Being an Author is about taking everything one step, one sentence, at a time.
You don't just want to become an Author. You want to become a great Author. You want to become a professional writer. My tips will lead you there.
Becoming an Author isn't an impossible task. We're all storytellers it's hardwired, programmed. From the time you told your mom that it was your brother who broke the snow globe, you became a storyteller.
You are meant to write. If you're here, you've done it, or you're going to do it, and you should be proud! Doesn't it feel better to make something than it does to critique it?
Yes, I Want Dawn's
Top Tips for Authorpreneurs!
With so many people ready to advice you on how to be this, that and the other when it comes to being an author, I surveyed over 10,000 authors and compiled this list of Top Tips, just for you!

Print it off, laminate it, read and internalize it, but whatever you do, make sure it is visible in your writing space so you can be reminded each and every day to be true to yourself and stay focused!
  • Practical Tips on Becoming an Author.
  • Conquer Your Fear of Failure.
  • As with anything in life, practice makes perfect.
  • The fastest way to Become an Author is to do this.
  • Recognize Why You Want to Become a Writer.

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