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So, you think you want to write a book, do you? Hmm OK.

  • How much have you considered about all the aspects of being a published author?
  • What about the business side of things, as well as the research and development of the product you are creating?
  • The routes to market, the sales, PR and the marketing, have you considered those?
  • What about the time it takes to get the book written, the copyright issues, the hurdles, challenges and support you need along the way?
  • What about the multiple income streams needed to actually live a life without struggle?
  • What about the artwork, the formats, the outlets, the publishing process?

So many experts, so many options and whilst you are worrying about all of it, you are wasting your time when you could in fact be writing and publishing.

To make your journey easier and quicker for you, Dawn is gifting you 21 Top Tips from over 10,000 of the world’s top authors. She is also gifting you her 5 Day Author Challenge where she shares the various elements you need to think about and consider, regardless of whether you are new to the whole writing process or if you are already published and want to increase your audience… and your income!

Dawn ran this challenge back in 2018 whilst on the Island of Tenerife, and the impact this challenge had on those considering writing a book, and those who had already published, was brilliant! Minds, eyes and hearts opened, new perspectives gained, and some incredible results achieved afterwards.

The 5 Day Challenge is 5 ´raw and real´ one-hour videos, packed with ideas, questions you need to be asking yourself and some real-life experiences for you to dive into. The videos could do with polishing by some people’s standards but it’s the content you’re after not the Peter Jackson effect, right?

So, sign up for the challenge and receive a PDF download of 21 Top Tips, as well a video a day dropping directly into your inbox over the 5 days. They are yours to keep, and process at your own speed, but be warned! There is a lot to think about and reflect upon, so make sure you have your journal and a full pen to hand.

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