Book Dawn as your Keynote Speaker, Diversity Advocate & Podcast Guest

“Always inspiring and engaging, and a delivery of the truth which many fail to match or even come close to”

Dawn is very selective with who she works with, so if you would like her to be a Speaker, Consultant or Guest on your show, please use the contact form giving details of:

  • Who you and your audience are, and the benefits for all concerned
  • Why you would like Dawn to work with you, and the wider impact you envision
  • The specifics: subject, timings, investment and location

Keynote, interview, consultancy and article topics

  • Navigating and harnessing constant change from a nomadic perspective
  • Why Human Rights and Personal Sovereignty may never be realised
  • Expanding your brand by owning who you truly are at your core
  • How to create social change and legacy through literature
  • Activism may be a dirty word to some, but the active ideas are the ones which change the world
  • Why creating social change in the workplace requires you to replace your Board of Directors

Dawn is happy to discuss all these issues and more…

  • Learning more about others scares the majority because it means giving up their right to be right
  • Understanding those who fear diversity and social change and why they choose to sabotage our communities and businesses
  • Why the economy and job markets rely on racism and prejudice being ever present
  • Life as a digital nomad is an honour and a responsibility which few can handle
  • Is the world really a dangerous place, or just a mainstream narrative to control the masses?
  • Being arrested, fighting back and exposing systemic racism and sexism within Police Scotland
  • How to write 15,000 words in one day
  • The power of your story – and why it matters
  • Why writing and publishing our own story is an act of philanthropy
  • Writing as an effective healing modality and transformational tool in a world drowning in depression and mental health issues
  • Why you should never underestimate a woman who giggles a lot
  • Long-distance parenting from a mother’s point of view and why it is a gift to dad’s everywhere
  • Mummy Martyrdom is disabling our children, suffocating our voices and destroying resilience
  • Today’s feminism is an insult to the women and men who have fought and died for our freedoms