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“Always inspiring and engaging, and a delivery of the truth which many fail to match or even come close to”

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Dawn Bates

Keynote, interview and article topics

  • How to write 15,000 words in one day
  • Why time management is a waste of time and how to master time itself
  • Expanding your brand by owning your own author voice
  • How to author your life for global impact and legacy creation
  • Writing an evergreen book which will stand the test of time, and create global change

Dawn is happy to discuss all these issues and more…

  • Why ‘mummy martyrdom’ is so last decade
  • Why publishing is an act of philanthropy
  • Why being a burden and having depression is a choice
  • Life as a digital nomad – what is it really like sailing around the world? Is it all G&T’s and sunbathing? And how on earth do you run an online business from out at sea!?
  • Long-distance parenting and being great friends with your ex-husband after infidelity
  • Matriarchal Leadership and why it is needed now more than ever, without ‘man-bashing’, emasculating men or being an ‘angry feminist’.
  • Being arrested, fuelling the ‘Mama Fire’ and creating even more determination to leave the world in a better condition than ever before… whilst exposing corruption in the most positive powerful way possible!
  • How do you write and publish a substantial international bestseller in 14 days, and go from first message to researching, writing and publishing an international bestselling biography in just 4 months?
  • Becoming a single mum is one of the greatest gifts you can ever be given – so stop being a victim!
  • Why you should never underestimate a woman who giggles a lot and how to giggle your way to abundance