Book anthologies with Dawn Bates

“Being able to write is one thing, being an author is something completely different. So many think it is simply about writing a book and publishing it, but being an author is a way of life, it is about creating a product and selling it.“

Writing a book has never been easier, and in today’s world of smart business, collaboration is key.

So whether you have a podcast, or a network of people who are as deeply passionate about a subject as you are, or maybe you want to find others who want to collaborate on a global movement, then a book collaboration may just be the answer.

Being the curator of a collection of powerful autobiographical stories, will not only take your leadership to a whole new level, but it also helps you expand you network and bring forth global change like no other.

So our question to you is “Are you ready to collaborate and lead a team of up to 15 other leaders to create a powerful life changing book?”

If the answer is “YES!” you are in the right place!

Over a period of 16 weeks Dawn will help you take your idea, your passion, and commitment to purpose, leading you through a powerful process from initial concept to marketing and publication on every format and platform there is.

Not only will you and your team of authors receive powerful group trainings, Q and A’s and personal 1:1 coaching, but Dawn and her team at Dawn Publishing will make sure you have what you need to create a global impact right from the get-go.

All you have to do is choose to lead and get your message out there!

Make an appointment on the calendar below and let’s begin your journey!