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The Sacral series


Leaving Religion to Save Your Soul

Faith by Dawn Bates

Abused and bullied by the Imam during Qur’aan class, the children left one by one. For one of them, a journey of self- discovery in the world of meta-physics and the quantum realm began. As he got older, he became more aware of the sexual, financial, emotional and spiritual abuses inflicted upon young believers across all religions.


Saving Humanity One Vagina At A Time

ALPHA - Dawn Bates

Now was the time to come out of hiding. Now was the time to stand together, because if not now, when? And if not Alpha, who? Would any of these women stand and fight for their rights?


 A Life Renewed One Blank Canvas At A Time

LEILA cover

Looking at her younger brother and sister, she knew something bad had happened. The silence in the house was no longer a welcome relief; it was deafening, all encompassing.


Melting The Ice One Dive At A Time


He was outgoing, the shining star in the social firmament. She was reserved and timid as a mouse. He seemed to have it all; the notoriety, the love of the community, the successful business and the money that came with it. She rarely left the house and had the love of a man who protected her fiercely.


One Woman’s Journey Back To Self

Moana - Dawn Bates

Moana is book 1 of 9 in the Sacral Series, a series of nine true stories written as fiction, which explores the vast aspects of abuse of individuals, by individuals, the state and the so called powers that be…

The Relentless Rebel duology


Friday Bridge is a story of questioning who you are, and what you think you know.

Think you know someone? Then think again…

Book 1 in The Relentless Rebel duology

WALAAHI (duology)

As the world watched the events of the Egyptian Uprising unfold on their TV screens, Dawn and her family lived through it. This is her account of what it was like living and working in Egypt during this incredible historic moment. An honest and frank account about the hardships, the fear and the joys of living in Egypt during this turbulent time…

Book 2 in The Relentless Rebel duology

The Scotland Saga

Crossing The Line

Crossing the Line - Dawn Bates

Crossing The Line is a story of love, compassion and forgiveness; of taking control of your own life and fighting for what you believe in. A story of strength, courage and resilience.

Becoming a single parent is tough enough as it is, but when the police arrest you and throw you in a cell…

Mothers Like You

Lightening Strikes Twice

Coming soon…

The Menopause and More

Becoming Annie

The Biography of a Curious Woman
By Dawn Bates

becoming annie by dawn bates

Becoming who we truly are is a defining moment in every woman’s journey; yet many women are still hiding amongst the self-imposed shadows of life…

The Potent Power of Menopause

A Culturally Diverse Perspective on Feminine Transformation
By Dawn Bates

Menopause - Clarissa Kristjansson and Dawn Bates

An open and honest, frank and insightful anthology by 10 women and 1 man from various countries, cultures and faiths around the world – and has the addition of humour which the world has come to enjoy and expect from my books, on the subjects that matter.

In the pipeline…

With almost twenty-five years working in the specialities of leadership, cultural diversity and human rights, this series is an accumulation of Dawn’s expertise and experience, underpinned with her studies into anthropology, cultural communication and ethics with the University of Oxford.

Being a Digital Nomad is the first in the series and will be available for purchase in Spring 2024, with the remaining titles following on close behind.

You can expect each of the titles – crossing the subjects of long distance parenting, women, the environment, sailing, leadership, culture, food, languages, as well as witchcraft and religion – to be as no-nonsense, down to earth, brilliant as always, and not forgetting the dash of humour readers have come to recognise and love from Dawn’s writing, even on the most challenging of topics.

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The Mermaid’s Guide series

Being a Digital Nomad

dawn bates - the mermaids guide

Dawn Bates is back again with a book that will have you either grabbing your rucksack and passport, and jumping on the first plane to anywhere – or, in her case sailboat – or have you wondering why on earth anyone would want to live life as a digital nomad, especially an ocean nomad!

The Trilogy of Identity

Meet Besma, Emily and Joe, three friends all discovering who they are on an individual basis whilst coming to terms with the impact their multiple identities have on their lives. A blend of fiction and real-life stories to bring about an awareness of self like no other. Explore what it means to be you, in all your uniqueness, and what it means to embrace various cultures, sub-cultures, ethnicities, religions and social status all with one family. This is a juicy series and one which will leave you looking at the world through a different lens on life.