Vanity is an interesting concept in today’s world.

It has always been subjective depending on culture, nationality and generation, that we cannot deny.

But in today’s world, when one thinks of vanity, especially if we’re in business, our minds are drawn to the vanity metrics so many marketing and PR experts tell us we need to focus on.

They tell us we need to have this many followers, need to have our branding spot on, our social media profile this way, and the Instagram posts in some sort of pattern.

I say no.

And here’s why.

I’m not for everyone, and if I have 100,000’s of followers and everyone is liking everything I say and do, then what do I really stand for?

If I have a pattern flow on my Instagram profile where is the authenticty? The randomness of life? The flow? If I have a pattern just like everyone else, how am I standing out from the crowd?

I don’t want people who simply like a photo, I want them to read the content that goes with it.

The photos on my profile actually have a meaning behind them, and the people in my space are in it because they take the time to dive deep, rather than be the scrollers of life.

Posts with the least amount of likes, and the least amount of comments, I know have confronted people on a deep profound level, and made people think,

To be seen to be agreeing with me will shake up their molecules.

Are they really happy for others to see they think that way?

It’s a bit too political, a bit too woowoo, a bit to this or that.

They will message me privately or call me and share with me similar thoughts, ideas and emotions though.

Only the brave will comment and be seen to agree, or discuss… and we all know fortune favours the brave.

Anyone can post a photo of a cute puppy, or a half naked, perfectly postioned breast photo to get the likes on their more than dull, same old same old vanilla post.

Any woman can post a pair of breasts, some can get away with a bikini shot and get the likes.  But do they really have the knowledge, the skills and the experience which is going to create the results in your life and business which you are seeking?

If they feel they have to resort to a breast or bikini shot I would say no, because if they truly believed in themselves and their message they wouldn’t need a breast shot to get your attention.

Discussing the vanity metrics with friend and Chief Feminine Officer, Ungenita Prevost, she had this to say on the matter

“If you have 100,000 followers and you’re not making a million dollars, you should be embarrassed” 

Yes, having 100,000 followers on social media will get you the sponsorship deals, but are they going to be with the right sponsors?

Is the product the sponsor has really that mainstream anyone can afford them?

Or are they a high end product and service offering which only those with deep pockets, a great mind and alternative lifestyle will be interested in purchasing?

Take Mercedes for example.  They have the Maybach.  Very few people in the world even know what a Maybach is because it is so high end and commands an investment of a minimum of $170,000.

That’s more than most people will make in their lifetime.

The concept convertible in the image will command an investment of at least another $50,000.

Are Mercedes worried about the amount of people who purchase the Maybach? No; because they are not designed for everyone.  They are for the more discerning amongst us.

Vanity metrics in my opinion is for those who cannot think outside of the so called box.  A box I am happy to burn to the ground on any campfire or manifestation release fire.

Vanity metrics are for those who are more concerned with being liked and approved of rather than simply going about doing the important things, like sellling.

When I first began my journey as an online entrepreneur it was drummed into me that I needed this many followers on this many platforms and I ran myself into the ground worrying I wasn’t getting the numbers.

I became so worried about the numbers my self belief and energy fell through the floor.  I felt like I was failing on so many levels.

I soon realised the breast and bikini ladies were always going to win hands down when it came to the likes, but the content they were putting out there was no different to the content the next breast and bikini woman put out.

Then there was the bitchy crew, the ones who put everyone else down to make themselves look better. I didn’t want to be that woman.  I still don’t.  I say what I think yes, but being a bitch? Trampling on other women? No thanks, I’d rather not.

I have been told I need to lose weight, have promo shots done, make sure I wear make up and have some glamour shots done, but sailing around the world, there isn’t much call for make up and an evening dress on a 4am-8am dog watch.

It would be dangerous for a start walking about on deck in a pair of heels, and a goregous gown would only get caught up in the lines, sheets and halyards.

As for being made up and having my hair done, a ponytail and a sea salt mask is the order of the day.

I am a proper sailor, not just the sunbathing, gin and tonic drinking fly-in-other half.

With the increase in numbers of mental health issues amongst the teens and millenials, and with Instagram discussing the possibility of removing the ‘likes’ (and have been discussing for I don’t know how long) it is about time we focused on the realities of doing the business.

I like to connect with my audience.  I like to have connection calls with those on my social media lists, and if I reach out and I get no response, I know the person is into vanity metrics and not really serious about relationship building, and only into collecting followers.

In the good old days of handing out business cards, we would call that business card snap, and anyone can collect business cards, just like we used to collect rave flyers back in the day.  Just because we had the flyer didn’t mean we had been to it.

(And for some, just because they went didn’t mean they would remember it either!)

For those of us serious about doing the business we have our own strategies, we have our own unique style, and it is this unique style which will make or break the business.

As Diane Von Furstenberg says “It is your own unique authencity and belief in yourself which will keep you in business”.

Because you may have the boobs, but do you have the brains and the business acumen to go with it?

Your business acumen will remain, but boobs will drop, and that flat stomach may well disappear after the c-section.

For those just starting out, your bank account may not reflect the business acumen you have right now; you may also be a couple of years down the line and the bank balance may not be what you want it to be, but remember, stay true to yourself.

Be you.

Ignore the vanity metrics.  The only metrics you need to be concerning yourself with are the metrics of clients gained, money received and the impact made.

Whilst some sponsors may want you to be more VW Golf, I suggest you become more Maybach.

And ladies, I am currently looking for 11 of you to carefully choose a well crafted team of ladies for a collaboration of leadership, legacy and laughter.  If you want to know more, message me here

For all those interested in learning more about how to work with me, click on this link to find out how I can support your journey to the Maybach lifestyle… or the lifestyle YOU CHOOSE FOR YOU.

Ciao for now folks, and remember to live to laugh and laugh to live, because if you are not living and laughing everyday, you need a new lifestyle!