How writing changes the world

Discovering fire was a game changer for humanity, but have you ever really considered how writing changes the world?

And can change your world?

From cave drawings, to fossilised communications, to ‘ugg uggs’ around the newly discovered campfire, humans have always communicated.

We see it now with the look of love between parent and child, lover to lover and from the way we treat our own bodies; all communications, and all changing the way in which the world is evolving.

Before the invention of writing as we know it today, Ancient Egyptians would use hieroglyphics to tell stories.

For some of us the energetic language of light is also a powerful communication tool. For some of us, this last sentence has us frowning. Language of light?  What on earth is that?

As communities, we have passed on stories, lessons and legends, of our ancestors and about our lives, and daily happenings for millenia.

But what stories do we tell today?

Parents reading to their children is becoming a lost art, and when was the last time three and four generations of family sat together around the table over a meal, sharing their weekly news with one another?

We lose ourselves in fantasy, with many adults reading children’s books just to escape the world of ‘adulting’ because they are tired of it all.

Great quality adult books are sadly lacking, unless of course you want to read the latest love story, or escape into the mind of a cop or a killer, with crime novels becoming a cop out (pun intended) and vampire stories leaving you wanting to roll your eyes louder than a two year old throwing a tantrum.

Humans by our very nature are explorers, seekers of the new and exciting.

It is why so many want a quick fix for the depression they face, or a quick fix to the pain they are enduring, or that latest pair of Jimmy Choo’s or Louboutin’s.

We want the high.

We want our mind, body and souls stimulated, but so many take the easy route; and then wonder why there is no long lasting fulfillment.

Many women inject all kinds of poisons into their face wanting to slow down the ageing process, afraid of who they are becoming, unable to accept who they truly are.

It is all communication.

Some of it more explicit than others, but still communication all the same.

Before we had writing, stories were contained within our minds and as age set in, unless we had shared them with our young, then they would be lost forever.

One of the reasons I loved living out in Egypt and sitting with the Beladi is because they would still sit around together as a family and drink shay, telling stories and laughing.

Nowadays so many rely on films, or audio books, choosing to occupy their time with other tasks whilst listening, but never really being present in the moment with the words.

The gift of reading an actually physical book is that you get to be still, absorbed in the moment.  Your body gets to rest whilst your mind is captivated by what you read… well that’s the plan of every great author anyway!

To captivate you, to take you on a journey, leaving you with the ever lingering connection to the characters, real or fictional.

And it is this reason I love to work with clients who wish to share their own journey, captivating their audiences both inside and outside of their book with the Author Blueprint they create.

How writing changes the world, depends on whether it is in our journalling, our blogging, the articles we write, the programmes we write for screen, stage and airwaves. 

It depends on the energy we bring to it, the flow, the vision we create, as well as the intention.

When we explore how writing changes the world within us, our families, our audiences and the ripple effect which our writing creates, and will continue to create long after they have left this world, is a powerful exercise.

Whether we are authors of movies, stage shows, books, or stories woven through the airwaves, our writing has a profound affect on everyone.

When we write our stories, we change the world.

When we write our futures into existence with our journalling, we change our own world, and those directly connected to us.

We get to inspire ourselves, release ourselves from the past, and in this magical process we really truly set ourselves free, something no one else can take away from us.

For many right now, not being able to go outside, mix with family and friends, go out wherever they want, whenever they want, they feel their freedom has been taken away; but no one can take away our freedom when we truly accept who we are.

With the onset of writing, the recording of taxes, land and slave ownerships we become enslaved by those who believed they were better than others, far superior, and so the pedestal of arrogance was born in a whole new way.

With this power came political power, famines, droughts, wars of so many kinds.  Those who couldn’t read or write were made to feel worthless, and so came the ever increasing spiral of mental health issues we see today.

In countries where there is political instability and mass poverty, mental health issues are fewer than those in the countries of ‘so-called’ politcial stability.

Around the world, people of all social classes and levels of intellect read something and never question what they read.

Take the regular Terms and Conditions businesses send you for use of their products, pages and pages of legal jargon you can’t understand, but sign anyway.

Dr’s prescribe drugs to people on an hourly basis, and how many people actually look at the ingredients and understand the impact they have on our bodies? 

PhD students research from research papers, which were written from other research papers, and very few PhD students actually go and look at new innovations and go out into the field to do more research.

This results in the information becoming stagnant and overly academic; making many people feel stupid and therefore unwilling to learn, for the fear of looking stupid.

Now why on earth would I, as an author and author coach be highlighting these flaws in the written word?

Well because with writers such as Matt Ridley writing high level science in a way that the lay people can read, and business leaders such as Jim Collins writing business books such as Good to Great, they dymistify the jargon others use to keep others small, and afraid.

Writing is a powerful tool, not just for those reading the words, but also for those writing.  

For me, and other writers, those who do it because we NEED to do it, it is therapeutic.  Why do I say I NEED to do it, because with the way my mind works, if I do not write, I feel heavy, my head becomes foggy, I feel frustrated, it’s almost like I am drowning.

Sometimes the things I write, I write without realising.  I remember starting to write.  I remember the first word, but then I feel like I am just watching myself right, or feel like I am in a trance, and the words just flow. 

I call it Unconscious Conscious Creation. A state of openess, which allows the messages to pass through you from a higher source. 

Which when you think about it, we are the modern day Prophets.  Now before those of you who are deeply religious start wanting to chastise and burn me at the stake for blasphemy, hear me out.

Prophets are merely messengers.  They too went into trance like states to deliver a message from on high.  We are told in EVERY single Holy Text that God, Allah, Dieu, etc is within us.

Christianity and Judaism tell us He breathed life into us.

In Islam we are told that Allah is closer to us than our jugular vein.  In Hinduism we are blessed with God’s eye, our third eye, and so on and so forth.

So it surely stands to reason then, that those of us who are called to write from a higher place of consciousness, and have the ability to unconsciously create powerful content, are simply tapping into our God given gifts?

Gifts of being messengers, of prophecy? Take the books written by Doris Lessing or the cult classic 1984 written by George Orwell, which has been playing out for years, even more so in the last couple of months.

For many of us, the more we learn, the more we question, the more we understand and connect the dots, the more powerful our writing becomes. 

It’s not rocket science or brain surgery, well… it is kind of brain surgery because we are developing parts of our brains and connecting dots and neuropathways which in many ways would never have connected.

When I started reading about Islam, I loved the fact the first world written in the Qur’aan was ‘Ikra’ which for those of you who do not read and understand Arabic means ‘read’. The word ‘wisdom’ is the second most used word in the Qur’aan after Allah, and ranks a lot higher than prayer or charity in all holy texts.

Ask yourself then, why is it those who follow their forefathers of religion blindly never read and question the Holy texts they profess to believe in so much? When they never question what is written, simply follow men in long robes who will send God’s wrath upon them if they even think about thinking about questionning The Book.

Writing a book about your life is one of the most transformational gifts you can give yourself, and the world. 


Because you get present to who you are.

You get to see how far you have come on your lives journey, the adventures and misadventures, the highs and the lows; and you also get present to who and what is important to you.

You get to gift yourself the ultimate gift of freedom; the freedom of your past, and the freedom of needing other people’s approval of you.

Freedom isn’t about going outside and doing what you want, nor is it being able to sail around the world.  It is BEing who you truly are and being proud of who you are without the need of approval from someone else.

You get the opportunity to leave a sacred text of your ilfe behind for your family, and if you choose to go on to publish and sell it for others, you get to gift others an insight into the human story, and you help others understand they too are not the only ones going through the challenges they are facing.

You gift your readers hope, inspiration and lessons they may never have had; and that in itself could save someone’s life.

And isn’t that a beautiful way to change the world with your writing, the gift of saving someone’s life?

If you woud like to write your own book, but are not sure on how to get started then there are so many options available.

There are hundreds of writing courses, writing coaches and book coaches out there for you to choose from.

If however, you want to use your story, knowledge and expertise to create a positive and profound difference in the world whilst making profit to then re-invest into creating an even bigger impact, then please contact me and let’s see how I as an author coach can support you.

In the meantime, enjoy the words you read, just make sure you choose wisely what you read, because when you read inspiring, informative and great content, then living to laugh and laughing to live becomes a lot easier!

(And healthier!)

Ciao for now my lovelies,

Dawn x

P.S. The photo with this entry is one taken having just been released from a Scottish Police cell after I was held illegally for two and a half days without questionning and without being told what I was being held for. Feeling the wind and the sun on my face that day was such an amazing feeling; and if I felt this after just two and a half days, imagine what it must feel like after two and a half years, or two and a half decades… especially after false imprisonment.

You can read the full story of the #ScotlandSaga in my last book Crossing The Line


Chilean Protests

I first heard about the Chilean Protests from a guy I was sailing with across the Atlantic.

I couldn’t help but smile to myself.

Here I was on my way to South America as part of my global book tour, and to do more research on my up and coming books, and I find out the people of Chile are protesting, just like the Egyptians did back in 2011.

My friends were going to have a right good laugh at this one, I thought to myself.

I moved to Egypt back in July 2010, 6 months before the Egyptian Uprising kicked off.  Many of my friends joked with me “Trust you to go to Egypt and start an Uprising Dawn!”.


Because I believe in freedom and justice, for everyone, not just myself.  I am always outspoken and I stand up to bullies.

When I was interviewed by CNN and Sky News whilst stood in Tahrir Square, I was asked by both reporters “Why are you here protesting?”

My answer was simple.

“Because if I want my human rights recognised, then it is important I help others get theirs recognised, otherwise I do not believe in human rights”.

Neither reporter had anything to say.  I had challenged them and their own beliefs on what human rights meant.

Living under a corrupt regime is a serious matter, and not one many in the so-called first world countries could ever imagine.

One of the reasons my second book Walaahi did so well, other than it being a great book, is because people wanted to know what really happened.

They wanted the human perspective, not a political or media hyped propaganda version of events.

The Chilean protests are yet again another reminder of how a nation of people are so sick and fed up of what the leaders of their country are doing, or rather not doing; and how they are not serving the people.

Political leaders around the world have forgotten the purpose of their position.  They are civil servants; and they have chosen to serve the civilians of their country by the very nature of their job.

Discussing the Chilean protests with locals from across the country, and travellers alike, one of the things which has come up is this:

The only reason you control something is because you are scared of the consequences of not controlling it.

With the Chilean protests increasing in intensity on Friday this last week, and shops boarding up the broken windows, it is difficult to walk down a street and not be reminded of the confllict.

Al-Jazeera covered part of the problem in this short news clip, and stated it as being a wealth inequality, but it is much deeper than that.

Much, much deeper.

Like in Egypt, it is the 30 years of abuse of power by their president, President Pinera.

And like Mubarak, Pinera is making superficial promises of reform; and the people don’t believe him.

Why would they? If he had any intention of doing a great job for his country, he would have done it over the last 30 years.

The people are angry, and quite righty so when you consider that 1% of the country own all of the wealth and all of the power.

With people marching into La Moneda government palace and the surrounding streets, beating pots and drums, I am reminded of what I saw when walking into Tahrir Square.

And just like the Egyptian protests, the Chilean protests are not going to stop until the President resigns; even though around 30 people have already lost their lives, over 2500 have been injured and close to 3000 have been arrested.

I may not be in Santiago, but even where I am, the streets are covered with anti-Pinera and pro-revolution graffiti and broken shop windows.

News stations are playing it down stating the protests started because of the rise in metro fares, but that was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The uprising is about revolting against the economic inequalities, which are the same neo-liberal economic policies put in place by the military dictatorship led by Augusto Pinochet during 1973-1990.

Add to this the privatisation of education, a health care which is either private and increasingly expensive, or state run and without beds and medication.

Then add into the mix the privatisation of the utility companies, and the state pensions and you have a melting pot of distrust, anger, fear and desperation.

As a business women myself, I am not against making money but privatisation of public services is never a good idea.

Money is the motivator, not intelligent and curious individuals; but then again, the governments around the world do not want intelligent and curious individuals.


Because then these individuals will start asking questions the governments don’t want us asking.  When we get curious, and we start questionning, discussing the extrapolations of events and then unite, governments get scared.

Remember what I said above?

The only reason you control something is because you are scared of the consequences of not controlling it.

When the people unite and rise up against the governments which have been raping and manipulating the system for their own benefits, they should be scared.

The people when they come together are a powerful force, as we found out in Egypt when we saw Hosni Mubarak overthrown.

Sadly though, a military coup happened and Mohammed Morsi was replaced by General Sisi.

A dangerous outcome for Egypt if ever there was one.

The similarities between the Egyptian and Chilean protests do not stop there though.

The tactics of the military here in Chile with the militart water cannons, armoured vehicles driving into crowds, rubber bullets which maim and disfigure for life as warning and a reminder, are no different to those deployed in Egypt.

Some of my friends and family are worried about me writing about this, but I am simply making observations of the similarities I see between the two countries.

With the anniversary of the Egyptian Uprising coming up, it will be interesting to see what happens.  Will the people of Chile prevail and overthrow their president like the Egyptians?

Only time will tell, in the meantime, I will keep you updated … provided Pinera doesn’t shut down the internet like Mubarak did.

Ciao for now x

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