What is coaching?

Well, it’s empowering people to take ownership of and responsibility for their own lives.

Ultimately, it’s about YOU! Identifying your hidden barriers and unlocking YOUR POTENTIAL. CREATING YOUR FUTURE.

Why do you need a coach?

The truth is that you don’t need a coach, but ask anyone who’s ever achieved great success, and they’ll tell you that there was always someone who ‘had their back.’

And this is where Dawn comes in. Dawn will be the one who ‘has your back’, your wingman, your coach – because without doubt you will find many people around you that inadvertently jeopardise your journey by saying you can’t or that there’s no point. Then there are those that will put temptation in your way, encouraging you to do things that delay you or take you away from your desired outcomes. But with Dawn by your side, straying from the path to long-term success is never an option.

Coaching isn’t about telling you what to do; it’s about helping you to see your own barriers clearly, sometimes for the first time, and then helping you jump over them, or smash them to pieces! You will explore your own ideas, make your own choices, and then OWN THEM! It will be confronting, sometimes painful but always rewarding!