Dawn facing the futureTo say I am feeling excited is a bit of an understatement really.


Because this is my first entry on my freshly made over website!

Back in July 2021, I spoke with Karely Brinton, from Branding for Women about her work as I had seen what she had done for other women.

Little did I know that she would ‘do a Dawn’ on me and take me right out of my comfort zone and make me look at my business in a whole new way.

What followed was 3 months of working together with her asking me questions I had never really given much thought to, such as why I called myself a Banksy  mermaid rather than a Disney mermaid, and why I love Salvador Dali and Claude Monet so much.

Then the ‘Legend that is Lampson’ as I call him, worked his magic with me to birth my website. Eight months later and on the 22.2.22 no less, he hit the LIVE button… and here I am two days later writing my first blog on my new platform.

Whilst all of this has been going on, I have been revamping the 7 Week Author Course I wrote as a business blueprint and framework for all my author coaching clients. Carmelle who wrote Unlocked had a wild ride with the content, and released years of money blocks and truly stepped into owning her healing powers with energy.

When Jake Cosme, a US Marine Veteran completed the course with me, going on to publish The Recipe: A US Marine’s Mindset for Success, we stretched the content out over 4 months. When we had finished working together he told me “My book and vision is so much better, stronger and powerful because I’ve worked with you Dawn. Thank you so much. It’s been an honour to work with you, and you’re tougher than some Marine Commanders!”

With returning authors such as Nath Brye, the author of the Democ Chu Series, we get to go deeper and deeper each time, creating merchandising ideas and concepts so he can become a full time author and give up his ‘day job’.

Helping authors see what’s possible, as well as guiding them through the process of writing and publishing, becoming activists with their books in their own unique and special way is something I love doing.

Having now found a new learning platform which is perfect for me and my content, philosophy and larger vision for my business, I am relieved.


Because I have been searching for and testing so many different learning platforms and none of them, until recently, had all the functionality I wanted, and the developers were not interested in developing their platform with me.

As a teacher, guest lecturer and forever student who understands geo-pricing, I was not going to settle for just any platform, nor was I going to one of the more popular platforms just because the masses were using them.

Feeling frustrated at times, I would journal until my wrist hurt. I wanted what I wanted, because my students, clients and family of authors deserved the very best platfrom out there.

And I believe I have found the right platform.

As my friend Torie said to me a few nights ago when I shared with her the 4 different formats of the course now, she had goosebumps and told me “This is SO you!”

Before going on to say,

“Everything in divine timing. Not only did you need to be ready to deliver but the people needed to be ready to accept”

Torie has stood by me for the last 8 yrs, through the highs and the lows, the feasts and the famines and the messy meltdowns and mind blowing breakthroughs.

Expanding the 7 Week Author Course into a live teaching model, which I am calling my Author Activist Collaboration Course, I’ll lead 33 authors through all 7 modules, sharing with them all of the lessons I have learnt as an author, author coach and entrepreneur of over 20 years.

I’ve always believed activism is a powerful tool in evolution and innovation, so does Gary Hamel, an American corporate Strategist, and author of more than a dozen books regarding strategy as the revolution in leadership and corporate success has spoken for more than 20 years on how activism is at the heart of any great company.

Jim Collins wrote about how the companies who employed activism at the heart of their organisations went from good to great.

Many people across the globe, especially in the corporate world, still choose to avoid activism, choosing to believe activists are trouble makers,  and therefore avoiding anything that may be seen as controversial for fear of being guilty by association when things go wrong.

(These people are also the ones who wish to stand by our side celebrating us when things do go right and our visions have been realised).

When I see the words advocate, change-makers, ‘champions for change’ used instead of the word activist, it makes me smile because regardless of what word we use, we’re all the same at the very core of our being.

I’ve had senior executives tell me they wish they could write a book about a particular social injustice they see, but due to the eagle eyes of HR departments watching their every move on social media, they’re afraid to show up as themselves, because they don’t want to get fired for tarnishing the company reputation.

Over the last year, I have seen a rise in the number of courageous souls speaking up and out, standing up against the corporate corruption that has grown like cancer the world over.

When I started creating my 7 Week Author Activist Collaboration Course a couple of years ago, tweaking it with each new client, making it more powerful than ever, I didn’t realise the birthing would come at such an auspicious point in history.

To write a book can often be an experience of solitude.

To be an activist can also be a journey of the lone wolf.

Hence why the 7-week Course has Community and Collaboration at the heart of it.

Those of you who know me well know I am all heart (and fire!) so won’t be surprised by the amount of love and community gone into the content of the course.

I always knew the books I’ve written and help others to write, would cause controversy in different ways.

But I still wrote them, because that’s how we change the world.

I’m really excited to see what my 33 authors and I create together – yes, even more excited than usual!

It should be a lot of fun, as well as stimulating in many ways.

The collaborations and projects created around the world will no doubt be epic in proportions and with solo books and anthologies being worked on by the 33 who apply and get accepted onto the course, I should be kept out of trouble for a while…


If you want to find out more about the 7 Week Author Course, or the live 7 Week Author Activist Collabortion Course, let me know and I’ll get you the details.

Just know, our 1st session is on 4.4.22 at 3:30pm PST. Another day of numerical magic.

I am now off to continue working on my latest anthology The Potent Power of Menopause: A Culturally Diverse Perspective of Feminine Transformation with the fabulous Clarissa Kristjansson and 9 other menopause game changers from around the world.

We are aiming for a launch in March… trusting again in divine timing that everything is happening as it is meant to be happening.

I will of course keep you updated, especially if you subscribe to my weekly-ish email newsletter.

So with love from Panama, it is ciao for now and adidios amigos!