Author Accountability Coaching

Regardless of what it is you write, whether it is a novel, a memoir or a text book, understanding the world of entrepreneurship is an absolute must if you are going to become an author; and not just a self published author either! Knowing how to navigate the marketplace (and contracts!) when you are backed by a publishing company is also essential knowledge.  

With 20 years of entrepreneurship behind her, 3 books published and an International Bestselling book to her credit, Dawn has the knowledge, the contacts and the drive to enable you to become a bestselling author in YOUR chosen field of writing.

  • Enabling you to overcome writer’s block, stay true to your message and enable your voice to be heard, whether through your own voice or the voices of your characters, Dawn will guide you every step of the way.
  • You know you want to take your career as an author to the next level, or maybe even change direction completely.
  • You want to speak on stage but are too afraid to come out from behind your keyboard.
  • You know you need to get the right team of people on board because they are going to help YOUR BOOK get to where YOU WANT and NEED it to be.

With Dawn on your team, you’ll create CLARITY, develop NEW and DIFFERENT IDEAS, form a COLLECTIVE and a MOTIVATING MISSION that inspires you, is in line with your core VALUES, giving you renewed excitement, energy, and passion for the future of your author career!

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