When was the last time you asked yourself “Am I a good investment?”

Or stated the fact that you are a GREAT investment?

So many entrepreneurs look to angel investors, seek funding and grants to grow their businesses, but how many of the SME’s and female business owners actually invest in themselves?

When was the last time you increased the investment in yourself?

How much did you invest in yourself last year?

Is the amount you are investing in yourself larger than last year?

If not, why not?

Have you not grown?

Did you not take action and create bigger and better results than last year?

And again, if not, why not?

You see, investing in ourselves is the best way to tell ourselves we are worth investing in, and it sure as hell is a great way to tell others that we are worth investing in!

And I don’t mean investing in a bottle of wine, or a night out on the town, I mean REAL investment!

Your professional growth, your self belief, your skills, knowledge, all the things which will see you grow in all areas of life; which also means you have more cash in the bank to keep reinvesting in the biggest and best asset you have.


When was the last time you put yourself first?

Not your team, not your family, not the home improvements or the new systems upgrade, but your own personal systems?

Your inner workings.

You see if you cannot stand in front of a mirror and say you are a great investment, and willing to invest in yourself, then quite frankly my darling (to use the words of the powerhouse Anel Bester, founder of the Thrive Freedom Movement) you have got a serious amount of work to do.

How can you expect others to invest in you if you are not investing in yourself?

When was the last time you updated your whole wardrobe to match the amount of personal growth you have had?

And if you haven’t invested in yourself over the last year, what on earth have you been doing!?

When was the last training course you went on THAT YOU INVESTED HARD CASH INTO?

Not the freebies or the courses which cost the equivalent of a night out, but REALLY TRULY invested in yourself?

Each year I make a point of investing in myself more and more, as well as paying off loans and the expenses from the whole #ScotlandSaga which is detailed in my book Crossing The Line

Without investing in myself and my own business, I have no right to ask others to invest in me.

When was the last time you ladies out there gave yourself a pay rise?

When was the last time you chose to put money aside? To start a savings account just for you, no one else, not the business, not the house and not the family holiday?

Hmmmm… I thought so.

So, I encourage you to start increasing the amount you are investing in yourself and be proud of the fact that you are investing in the very best asset you have.

Your beautiful self.

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In the meantime, get clear on your finances, step away from those not interested in increasing their self worth, raising their game and income levels.

Surround yourself with the most successful powerhouse women you can find – which of course are aligned with your message and purpose, and live your absolute best life possible!

Ciao for now! x