2020 has bought with it a new kind of energy.

And it is an energy not many women are ready for, even if they say they are.

Oops! Did I just doubt the word of another woman?

You bet I did!

And here is why.

For years now I have been coaching women in business, developing female leaders in multiple countries; and in different areas of their personal lives as well.

Whether it is coaching them on being a better parent, following their dreams or creating a community project, women hold themselves back from what they truly want, time and time again.

I’ve done it, and pretty much every single woman I know has done it.

Listen to leaders such as Emma Thompson and Lisa Nichols, and they’ll also tell you they did it at some point in their lives, until the pain just got too much and they finally took action.

You see, it is the ‘pain points’ we get to in life where we simply say “I am done with this way of life.  Done listening to this, done being rejected and I want more out of life” and trust me the moment you say “I am done!” is the moment you had better start listening to soul and taking action.

But where does all this self doubt and doubt of other women come from?

For many it will be linked to our mothers; for others it will be linked to a female teacher, a friend at school or the woman who slept with our partner or husband behind our back.

We’ve all heard the comments

“She can’t be trusted”

“She’ll stab you in the back”

“What’s her motivation?”

We’ve had them drummed into us from an early age by society; and it is one of the reasons so many women are lone wolves, especially the successful ones.

“Women should not and cannot be trusted” is a story dating back to the dawn of time, from the biblical story of Adam and Eve. 

Did you know Eve is the Semitic word for snake?

And isn’t it wonderful how the social programming makes us believe that snakes cannot be trusted.

You’ve heard of the snake in the grass, right? Hmmm. How many more snakes can’t be trusted? How many will squeeze the life out of you after they’ve laid beside you curling up, measuring you ready to feast on your lonely ass?

Is this how far back this distrust of women go?

Connecting, collaborating and creating with other women can take a lot of soul searching and courage, but it is essential if we are to heal the wounds of society, that we heal the wounds within ourselves.

For so many of us, we have been the lone wolf, hustling and working late into the night, burning the candle at both ends, achieving and succeeding, breaking through the doubts and frustrations which long ago held us back.

We inspire change in other women, we get excluded by others who are intimidated by us or feel threatened in some way.

We live incredible lives travelling here, there and everywhere, living out of a suitcase.

And yet we eat alone, sleep alone and sometimes cry alone.

Yes, the alone time benefits our creativity, but so would having a team of women to bounce ideas off and develop that creativity into something else… and a full body orgasm with a man wild and deeply in his masculine wouldn’t go amiss either!

We work long hours to avoid the loneliness, whether that is working on our business, our bodies and our bank accounts.

We connect with strangers and on social media, but we keep them at a distance.  And making love for hours, is simply a dream we have in our sleep.

And sleep we must, because it is when we are sleeping that we re-energise and our subconscious gets to work.

It is this life that has come to an end though for so many lone wolf women.  We have got to the point where we are done, and there is a fire smouldering deep within our soul.

A fire burning deep in the womb space; and no, I am not talking about the nasty itch which will have you reaching for the Canesten cream either.

I am talking about the fire of creation, partnering with other powerful women, of collaborating and creating even more greatness together.

And this is why the next round of my 7 Week Author Course is designed for the lone wolves.

Incorporating 20 years of leadership, developing women and creating extraordinary visions with women, I am opening the doors to 11 women to join me so they can carefully chose and create a team of equally powerful women who they will lead on a journey of co-creation and collaboration.

And it is going to be beautiful.

It is going to be wild, and we are all going to have a huge amount of fun doing it! Co-creating, cheering each other on and celebrating together.

122 women, 11 powerful teams of 11 and myself creating something so powerful and joyful that we burn the myths of women not being trustworthy to the ground.

We will destroy the beliefs and stereotypes which tell future generations of women that to be in business you have to be a bitch.

We are creating a new kind of leadership, one that inspires greatness, and has nothing to do with the old modalities of Leadership. 

This is the Feminine Alpha 7 Week Author Course, and it will be invitation only.

So if you are done with being the lone wolf, done hustling by yourself and want to co-create and collaborate with other powerhouse women, taking your leadership to a whole new level, and wish to apply for the chance to be accepted and invited to join us all, you can request a consultation with me.

But know this.

This is going to elevate your leadership, it is going to require you to invest everything you have in terms of trusting yourself to trust other women.

We are going to break down barriers together, and we are going to address some deeply ingrained ideas, beliefs and values, and then we are going to burn them to the ground and alchemise them into greatness.







Are you ready to run with the wolves?

Are you ready to lead the pack?