Immersive Coaching

If you think that regular morning and afternoon coaching sessions simply aren’t enough, then Dawn’s residential coaching program is the perfect way to take your personal development to the next level.

Dawn invites you to step completely out of your comfort zone and join her for 7 – 10 days of intensive coaching away from home.  So when those doubts creep into your mind at the most inopportune moments, Dawn will be on hand to get you back on a positive path.

Her time during your stay is completely devoted to your growth and lifestyle enhancement, enabling you to learn new skills and techniques, as well as remove self sabotaging behaviours.

Immersive coaching isn’t just about personal development sessions; Dawn will be combining these sessions with a travel itinerary suited to your higher vision and your dream future.

Fancy learning more about yourself during a sailing trip to Southern France? No, problem.

How about that trip to the Middle East you always wanted to make but never did due to the language barrier? As a long-term resident of the area and a fluent speaker of Arabic, Dawn’s got you covered.

Or maybe you always wanted to drive across Europe but just can’t imagine navigating your way through borders on the ‘wrong’ side of the road? Did you know that Dawn spent many long hours driving across Europe? She can handle a road trip… no worries!

Residential coaching abroad is ideal for women who are looking for some adventure in their life but who are reluctant to travel alone or in large groups; and especially valuable for mums who have spent their life putting their husband and children first, forgetting about themselves.

Perhaps you are recently single, lost a loved one, or simply need more out of life. Maybe you are a couple who want to explore how to create a business together, completely location free; or you just want something different from your trip than the usual beach holiday offers.

Whatever your circumstances, Dawn will work with you to discover what makes you tick and what your residential coaching package should be, to bring out the very best in you. You will handle all the bookings, insurance, and flight arrangements whilst Dawn creates and delivers a tailor made package just for you!