When you are overflowing with gratitude, you can’t help but feel blessed!

When I set out on my journey to heal my soul after fighting Scotland Police for 2 years, and to focus on building my business after having all my mental, emotional and financial health dangerously violated by those working within the so called Scottish ‘Justice’ system, I knew people would support me.  I knew many women would understand my journey, single parents even more so, but the level of support has been incredible; and for that I am so, so grateful!

When I flew to New Zealand back in December to have a holiday of a lifetime with my boys, I gave myself 6 months to see if I could make my dream of living at sea work.  I had a return flight booked on the 15th May.  I had a time frame to put all my networking, business acumen and personal motivation into action, as well as a powerful driver of uplevelling my business to make sure the impact of #TheScotlandSaga was minimalised.   I was determined.   I was focused; and I also missed my children so much I felt that part of my soul had been ripped out, never to be found again.

When the boys flew home, it was game on time; and with the help of the sailing communities, friends I had known for years, online coaching colleagues and my relentless mindset to see my dream come to fruition, my circumnavigation started to materialise before my very eyes.

Since the boys have flown home, supervised and spoilt rotten by the incredible team at Emirates, I have met some very beautiful people who are making this circumnavigation a joy to experience.  Homes have been opened, contact lists shared, boats offered to me as opportunities to sail, and friendships that I am sure will last a lifetime.  Sadly there have also been a few who have felt the need to attack my choice to leave my boys to have much needed ‘man time’ with their dad, and others who have only opened their doors to get some ‘free coaching’… but then we all know haters are going to hate and users are going to use… and I am learning the lessons as I go.. which is what this journey is partly about; learning, discovering and upleveling in ALL areas of life, not just my business and sailing knowledge.

Spending time alone on this journey I have realised just how much I enjoy my own company, how much I enjoy the work I do, which to be honest doesn’t feel like work; it is just me being me, writing, coaching and reading… oh and speaking at events… all things I thoroughly enjoy.  Why? Because I get to clear my mind, see people inspired, enable people to see what is possible for them in their own lives and I get to do all of this from anywhere I choose, on a beach, on a boat in the middle of the ocean, in a beach side cafe.  This life I have created for myself, with the love and support of others is better than I could ever have imagined.

Without the boys by my side and my beloved dogs, I get to focus purely on myself and my business, and I have achieved some incredible results in such a short space of time; one of which is the release of my latest book Crossing The Line – the story of #TheScotlandSaga, a story that is destined to become a TV series.

I have coached more and more women who have wanted to set up their own business, single parents who have wanted to create multiple income streams, helped authors get their books published and write more books and I have more than doubled the membership to my author coaching group ‘Share Your Story’ (you can join by clicking this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/1844295235842247/ )  I have also started writing another three books… and will be launching another 12 books within the next 12 months all things going to plan!

My collection of videos for my YouTUbe channel is growing ready to launch that and I am making more money each and every weeek.

I am loving the life I now have, even though I am away from my boys, my partner and my dogs, I know this was the right move to make.  Time to recharge my batteries and create an incredible future with my boys, and enable them to travel to the various locations along the route of my circumnavigation.

I hope that by sharing my journey with you all, you are inspired to make the changes in your own life, doing what is necessary to live your dream, even if it means a short term sacrifice.  For those who have lived an incredible life of fulfilling dreams, living abundantly you will reflect on your own life achievements knowing you have inspired people like me to follow our dreams and keep believing in ourselves. The gratitutde and love I have for people like my friends Gay and David Epstein in Akaroa is never ending.  They truly are wonderful people who inspire me daily since we met.

So what’s on the cards for me now?  Well I am sailing up to Cairns in the next few days, and will be continuing to promote my latest book Crossing The Line, as well as delivering a Career Coaching webinar over 4 days before I set sail for Indonesia, the next destination on my circumnavigation.

So that’s it from me at the moment, so until my next update take care of yourselves, belive in your dreams and never give up! Be safe, be happy and be grateful for everything and everyone.

With love,

P.S. If you would like to read my story, and the story of millions of other parents across the world, it is available to pre-order now by clicking on the links below.  I am also incredibly grateful to the trail blazing single mum, scriptwriter and actress Libby Liburd for writing the foreword to the final book in the series #TheTrilogyOfLifeItself.

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