Social Justice MediaWhen it comes to social justice, I really enjoy learning about what is going on in the world and how I can best serve others with my knowledge and passion for helping to make the world a better place.

This morning I have been writing the module workbooks for the Authority Mastermind taking a break from one of my client’s manuscripts, and I have to say… I was enthralled by my own content.

I love what I am creating for my chosen eleven, and it isn’t a workbook filled with stock photography or clip art.

The content includes history, geography, anthropolgy, sociology, psychology, all underpinning the topics of Leadership, Culture, Human Rights and Social Justice, Branding and Media Mastery… And you know what? I am really quite impressed with myself!

Now those reading this who do not know me will probably consider that last sentence a tad arrogant, much like the guy who sent me a ‘disgusted’ email the other day at my ‘level of arrogance ‘ and then started to rip me to pieces on my ’embarassing’ social media presence.

His email to me came after I responded to an unsolicited email someone on his team sent me offering to be featured on his mentoring membership site. When I asked a few questions on how the mentor bank worked and how he intended to reach 125k members in the next 12 months from ground zero, I asked out of pure curiosity.

His response was not disimilar to another man sending me an unsolicited message wanting to ‘get to learn more from me’ and as soon as I asked what it was he was looking to learn then the sales pitch started for Facebook Ads before offering to sort out my website branding because “The website’s theme & font is outdated. Like someone made this website for £200 with no love, and it is boring & outdated”.

I was slightly taken aback at both of these responses because both came from unsolicted messages from men, and when questioned they chose to become insulting, and then went on to wax lyrical about how they were experts and had worked on multimillion dollar projects for this, that and the other company.

Now I know my social media engagement needed someone with a lot more skills and understanding than I have to reach a larger audience; it is why I hired a woman who knows what she is doing. Social media is not my preferred method of engaging with people and I have even nicknamed Instagram ‘InstaFake’

I have also not professed to be a website designer, it is why I have hired someone who knows what he is doing, and who has known me 22 years to handle this for me. As for the theme being outdated it is the same theme used by Russell Brand. and is one of the most up to date themes out there. Plus it is capable of handling all the content on my site.

I have also been working with a brand stategist, and anyone who knows anything about branding will know it is a very personal and intricate process where you have to strip the vision and purpose down to the minutest details, get under the skin of the brand, understanding the very essence of the organisation, and the direction it is moving in.

The new navigation for the website is also becoming clearer because with new products and services, content mediums and books coming on line all the time, I need to make it easier for people to locate what they are looking for. Digesting all the content and expertise I have, and simplifying it is no easy task.

What I found interesting about both these men is that they are fresh out of the corporate world and didn’t even take the time to understand who I was or what I was about. With 22 years of entrepreneurship expertise under my belt, and twenty years of publishing experience in newspapers, magazines, digital media and books, I do know a thing or two.

Most of my business is done off social media, and I have always grown my businesses organically, and well let’s be honest here shall we… talking about social justice and human rights isn’t going to get as many likes or as much engagement as a pair of boobs, a cute puppy or a generic inspiring quote.

Those of us who are interested in creating social movements, writing books and diving deep into human rights and social justice are just not your ‘common all garden’ kind of being. We don’t do well with the trivial or the drama of ‘first world problems’ and looking good for the camera.

We are the ones in the trenches, going to the dark places within ourselves and society that most people don’t even want to know about, let alone want to acknowledge exist by publicly liking or commenting on something controversial.

We are the ones who disrupt the narratives of society, the ones who make others uncomfortable just by wanting to have conversations about injustices, let alone want to write a book or create a social movement around the subjects we care passionately about.

Over the years I have been asked to not discuss certain topics, been excluded from dinner party invitations and frowned upon by the mothers in the playground because I stand in my truth and speak my mind.

Discussing the latest fashion trends, which celebrity was sleeping with who and who has had the latest lot of botox wasn’t my kind of conversation, but it was interesting observing the depths of shallowness, which is an oxymoron in and of iteself.

Not everyone who writes a book, is a great writer. They may know about their subject, they may be an expert in their field but when it comes to writing a book, sometimes illusions of grandeur take over and what is presented to us as publishers needs a whole heap of work doing to it; which the client is either going to pay for us to edit and proof read or have it back many times to get it to a suitable standard.

When my chosen eleven are selected and we start working on the first module of the AUTHORity MasterMind, this is when they will start formulating the concepts of leadership they are going to need to stand by what they write, and publish with me at the end of the process.

Each workbook is going to give them the next buildng block to make sure they are ready to stand in their power as a new authority in their industry, with all the courage and confidence they need to be the voice of the voiceless and the beacon of hope for those affected by the social injustice they have chosen to take a stand for.

This is my most powerful author coaching, vision creation and business blueprint training, brand expansion and leadership coaching I have ever offered. It is my primary focus and the most powerful author coaching programme on the planet.

There are others out there, but nothing comes close to what I have created. Most of the author programmes out there talk about influence, titles, becoming an international bestseller with the 24 hour 99c special campaigns.

These kind of author programmes don’t resonate with me, nor do they resonate with the eleven who will take part in the AUTHORity MasterMind. We are not impressed by vanity metrics or grandios egos either. We are game changers, purpose driven leaders who know we were born in this time to help change the world, and bring about an end to the suffering we see happening.

There are still places available on the MasterMind, so if you would like to become one of my eleven, send me a message  and let’s get you set up ready to transform your industry and community.

And if you would like to see just how passionate I am, and how I don’t take myself too seriously, watch this video.

And remember, when you live to laugh and laugh to live, even when dealing with social injustice, life becomes a lot more beautiful for everyone.

Ciao for now my lovelies, and remember to be kind to others along the way ;)
Dawn xx