NO ONE is drowning in content… 

dawn bates…unless they are choosing to.

Is there a lot of content out there with every man and his dog becoming an Internet sensation?


Do you have to subscribe and digest it all?

Heavens no!

If you do then you are nothing more than a grossly obese information junkie

And we all know the health implications of being obese.

If you are one of these junkies you are probably so overwhelmed you cannot even begin to figure out what to do with it all,

And are also probably so afraid of missing out on the next big thing you are running yourself ragged trying to be all things to all people, instead of focusing on your own zone of genius.

None of which does you, your audience, client base, health or family any good.

That is if your family haven’t already grown tired of you, packed their bags and left whilst you’re still gorging yourself on social media, podcasts, emails and Netflix!

Oh and by the way, your dog died last week laying at your feet looking up at you wanting food, but you didn’t notice because you were BETA TESTING the dangerous and deadly world of Zuckerberg’s MetaVerse.

Harsh words but seriously with all the rhetoric of ‘short attention spans’, ‘drowning in content’, ‘not enough time in the day’ and any other bumper car narrative you’d like to throw into the pity party,

Along with the pharma party drugs and alcohol you love to get you through the week with, is there any wonder certain people are being turned off being around you?

As a content creator of books, articles, blogs and podcasts, not to mention emails, author training courses and masterclasses, I guess you could say I am one of those who add to the all you can eat buffet of content.

The thing is no-one asks you to read, watch and listen to everything – you choose to,

… and if you are ‘drowning in content’ it is because you have a lack of boundaries and are running around like a headless chicken trying to cross the wrong road.  

Now, admittedly if I am sent a link for an article, podcast or video, I will check the length of said piece of content and either mark it for later or discard it altogether – unless the person sending it to me has briefed me before and it has a relevance to one of my latest books, articles, interviews or uni assignments.

Preparation is key after all – and as the saying goes “Poor planning leads to piss poor performance”.

Fed up with the number of clichés and bumper car stickers in this post yet?

Well, good!

Because it makes the point about the regurgitated narratives espoused by so many… and it is B-O-R-I-N-G!

Positively tiresome and quite frankly disappointing from many on a wide range of levels.

I get asked so often how on earth I get to produce so much content and achieve so much.

It’s because I don’t “drown myself” in other people’s content – only content from a select few, and only then if I need it to move ahead with my goals, wants and desires.

I’ve been drowned enough in past lives to want to drown again… although… I would much prefer to drown at sea than get hit by a bus on the way to a beige office cubicle in an office block in an overcrowded CBD in the heart of an overcrowded city.

AND the only CBD I am interested in is the healing properties of a certain plant medicine…

…which the petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies had to demonise back in the 1950s when they used the Mexican word ‘marajuana‘ to fuel the propaganda machine intent on causing racial hatred in America.

When I hear people say they don’t have enough time in the day or they are so busy, I often wonder why they haven’t mastered the art of time and planning. 

When we feel like we have to cram everything into our days like some God dammed martyr it is oftentimes due to running from failure or fear of a pain caused by some kind of trauma.

When we say we are drowning in content, its only because we haven’t yet learnt to honour ourselves and our capacity for content – and learnt that the word ‘No’ is a full sentence all on its own. 

My invitation to you today is to consider all the clichéd narratives and bumper car stickers in this blog entry and see where they apply to you and your content capacity;

And if you are drowning, or gorging on content, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what’s truly important to you and what you want to achieve, because my guess is if you really are drowning in content you are avoiding something and only you truly know what that is.

Switch off, go for a swim, a run, or you could go out for dinner leaving your phones at home like I did the night this photo was taken,

Or you could go for a sauna like I’m about to do right now.

Set your standards higher, only indulge your senses in the content and experiences which get you closer to the life you dream of, and remember to enjoy life along the way, because it really is the only time you get to live this life.

With love as always,

Dawn x