There are times in life when a retreat is so needed, a time to switch off and unwind, and just allow ourselves to be pampered and looked after.

Except the retreat I am talking about has nothing to do with a luxury hotel, daily massages and yoga classes, with healthy food and an ocean view as with most retreats; although healthy view and an ocean view is my normal life these days.

I am talking about my retreat from social media, which for some might seem like a ludicrous idea considering my business is totally online and relies on connecting with those in the online space.

So why on earth would I retreat from social media, the very platforms my business is built upon?

The answer is simple.

I am done with the celebration of vaccines, the constant conversations of division and the deafening silence of those in my space who just don’t interact.

The people whom I have welcomed into my space, who have made themselves comfortable on my couch, helped themselves to tea and biscuits, whilst watching what I post without having the good manners to engage.

You see I am big on manners, cannot stand bad manners, and I find the lack of them in the online space really quite appalling to be honest.

People moaning about the problems in the world, and yet busying themselves with everything and anything to avoid getting involved with being part of the solutions, well unless it is putting a colourful square up on their profile in protest.

Like seriously, how is that even helping the people who need the help? What difference is it making at all? It doesn’t make a blind bit of difference, and yet I know it is the only thing many people know what to do to show they care about what’s going on.

Having a rant on Facebook about sex trafficking, discussing narcisstic abuse, which we are seeing played out in goverenments around the world at the moment, whilst not actually doing anything about any of the problems is the modern day ‘garden gate gossip’ of yesteryear.

People talking a big game, but simply venting about their opinions, many of them without having any facts to back up their arguments. They say they want to get involved, they say they want to do something, but don’t know how.

Yet when someone like me offers them the opportunity to get involved, to learn from my 22 years of working in social justice and community projects, with leaders of industry and the public sector, they go silent. They avoid conversing with me incase I call them on their empty words and intentions.

Recently I was told my posts are too long by someone who then went on the ‘Oh look at me I am a martyr and have saved you all from imminent death because I got my sticker and Krispy Creme do-nut by having my vaccine’ rampage.

It makes me laugh when I see this happen simply because if my blogs are too long to read (2-5 mins at the most) it is highly unlikely that this person has sat and read any kind of literature on the health implications and the scientific data surrounding the current global climate.

It tells me that they have yet to identify the political markers around the world as well as the distraction techniques of the government and media strategies that are hiding a much bigger evil, not dismilar in tactic to a parent or teacher wanting to distract a child from something.

Being told I am scary and intimidating because of my knowledge and straight forward, no nonsense approach makes me wonder why someone like myself with passion, determination and a fire to help make the world a better place, is so misunderstood.

Having people tell you that you have to tone it down and consider those who do not have the capacity to hear what I am saying feels somewhat insulting, and not just to me, but also to others.

Are people really that incapable of thinking of others and their struggle or stepping up into the next level of being essentially human? I doubt it very much, because we’ve all got stuff going on, we just choose to not make everything about ourselves.

One may ask if it is simply a case of ‘Dawn you are too powerful for the rest of us, just tone it down a bit. You’re making the rest of us look bad’? Most probably, dressed up in their well meaning ‘Just trying to help more people engage with you’.


If others cannot handle me, then they are not my people. The same goes for you. If others tell you to tone it down in whatever way, then they are not your people. Becoming someone we are not just so others will listen is not the way forward.

Sunflowers are strong and sturdy, and not everyone’s favourite flower, but they face the sun when it is shining brightly, and the seeds grown in the centre of the petals are a great source of protein, which are the building blocks of the human body. I am happy being the sun for the sunflowers of the world.

You see, I have known for a long time that the majority of people find me intimidating, and the kind of conversations I want to have are ‘too deep’ or ‘too upsetting’ because I talk about the real probelms in the world, which are whether we like to admit it or not, are allowed to happen because we allow them to happen.

Ignorance is not acceptable anymore in this digital world, and if someone can continue to build a business or empire in today’s world without social justice and human rights at it’s core, then I would rather these people stayed well away from me.

Those who are willing to ‘go there’, those who are curious and want to find out more, want to develop a heart centred business built on a global vision of cultural diversity and understanding, want to grow a business which actually makes a real difference in this world, are my kind of business people.

These influencers are the real kind of influencers in the world, and they are the ones who are going to be the ones who take what I say, are tough enough to work with me and collaborate on future projects, and then deliver the much needed messages out into the world.

You could say they are my buffer zone, they are the filter for my message and I am calling them forward. We are good for each other, we compliment each other, as all great relationship partners do.

My up and coming Ascended MasterMind Collection wasn’t designed for the masses, it wasn’t designed for tuplips who bow their heads in shame because they are strong enough to deal with the reality of other people’s lives. It was designed for the sunflowers, and we are the 1% in the 1% of business leaders who are going to change the world.

The question is, are you going to join us in the 1% of the 1% or remain one of the masses who turn away and hide, feeling shame and bowing your head or distracting yourself with the first world problems of how to twerk on Tik Tok, gaining the 10,000’s of followers whilst still not hitting the high 6 figures of business turnover?

The Ascended Masters AUTHORity MasterMind Collection kicks off on the 21st June, with a one week taster of the content – the Ascending Masters, which then goes deeper in the Ascension Masters Month MasterMind in July, before the Ascended Masters take their place in August for the 7 Months of the highest level of thinking,debating, creating, collaborating and implementing.

I am excited to deliver this Executive MBA on Steroids, this powerful programme packed full of learnings which even Oxford Scholars are impressed with (Including several of my professors!).

The subjects may be challenging, but the energy and excitement my team and I are creating is going to lead to some very powerful and conversations which will change the global narratives like never before.

The changes may take time, but then again, anything worth having in life doesn’t come with an instant fix nor a band aid… or black social media grapich.

To find out more about the Ascended Masters AUTHORity Collection, book a call with me using or visit the webpage on here using

Until the next firey installment, take care of yourselves and remember to let people know all about your private life and creams you may be using. It really is the done thing these days ;)