Time out is something used within sports games to check in with the team, it is used by parents as a ‘time to think about your actions’ when raising kids, but how many of us adults take a time out in our daily lives?

How many of us actually take a time out once a week?

Or even once a month?

Rush, rush, rush!

Got to get this done, got to get to here, got to make this muh money, got to see this person, got to make this appointment… sound familiar?

I haven’t written a blog post in a while because I have been taking a time out to work on the back end systems for my business, and feeling into who is right for my team as my business goes to the next level.  I have had to let two people go, one of which I had to remove from my life entirely, because like I say, environment is everything.

Preparing myself mentally, emotionally and physically for the 7 Week Author Course has seen me searching for an apartment rather than going from AirBnB to AirBnB.  I need to settle so I can powerfully hold space for the 7 people who will be taking part, as well as being in the best space possible to ensure this transformational journey is a successful one for us all.

This course is a journey of self acknowledgement, where each participant becomes inspired by their own journey, instead of looking outside of themselves for inspiration. It is a course which will see them grow in insurmountable confidence to own and share their truth with the world; enabling others to read and become inspired.

The book, the biggest tangible takeaway from any course they have done, will be a catalyst for immense change in their life, and the lives of those they know and work with.  It is their legacy for the future, and regardless of how they use their book, it is a personal keepsake of thier own transformational journey.

Taking a time out to prepare for this course has given me a time to reflect, and understand on a much deeper level than before that to reflect is not a luxury, it is essential.

So many of us are burnt out, just going through the motions, with no time to think and expand; and I hold my hands up, I was becoming one of those people.  So eager I was to achieve all I wish to achieve, I hadn’t taken a time out to check in on all I have acheived; and boy was I in for a surprise!

When my youngest son, age 12, flew into Ternerife to join me, emotions went into overdrive.  He had just flown from Gatwock by himself on Norwegian Airlines, one of the few companies which allow children as young as 12 to fly solo around the world.

Norwegian Airlines is a company which gives parents the choice to acknowldge their child’s growth as a responsible and confident young adult, and allows the child to step into the space of courage and confidence.  Surely something every parent wants for their child?

Watching my youngest sleep, cooking with him, climbing, listening to him voice his ideas, as well as his vision for his Fortnite YouTube channel and upcoming ‘merch’, I realised how my style of parenting coupled with his dad’s parenting style has contributed to him being a person I love to hang out with. He’s a really cool person, who is so confident and aware of so much more than most adults.

Playing and swimming with him in the ocean was simply wonderful, as well as enjoying the water slides at Siam Park where the cheeky git called me on my coaching and dared me to ride the ‘Tower of Power’ – which I named ‘The Death Slide’ ‘because Mum, if you are going to coach others out of their comfort zone into their power, then you really need to do this!’

And he was right, of course! He has taken everything I have taught him, internalised it and made it his own.  Spending 10 days with him made me realised just how quickly time passes and how much he has grown in the last 3 months.

Stepping back, taking a time out, reflecting and then leaping forward is essential.  It allows you to really feel into who you are, how you have evolved, how much you have achieved and it allows your body to recharge.  It allows you to take care of yourself instead of running yourself ragged all the time.  It is also where you have some of your best ideas and creations.

Taking time out I’ve also taken a look at my offering as a coach, for want of a better word. I really do not like the word coach for the work I do, if you can call what I do work…. it’s more of a passion to create positive and powerful change in the world, leaving it in better condition than I found it.

Being told I am ‘more Transformer than Optimus Prime’, ‘a powerful influencer’, ‘the fire under my arse’, ‘just the person I needed to speak with’ are all very lovely, and the results I am creating with my clients are powerful, but I know I am capable of a lot more.

Taking time out is essential, we need to recharge ourselves, like we recharge our phones. I am now fully charged, and my desire to positively and powerfully impact more lives is stronger than ever. It’s time to raise the stakes, it’s time to up my game and drill down even further.

This website has only recently had an overhaul, but now it is time for another one, one that reflects more of who I am now.  I am not the same woman I was a month ago, or even a week ago, so it makes sense the work I do in this world is going to be impacted by this shift in awareness and evolution of self.

Taking this time out has been good for me.  I am back in training for the up and coming Atlanitc Crossing in October.  My body has to be in top condition and so does my mind.  3-5 weeks is a long time to be at sea.  I don’t know yet who I will be sailing with, all I know is Paul Capon, Dom and Ray set the standard very high in the fun, adventure and conversation stakes – as well as the sailing.

To be back out in the middle of the ocean is something my soul is yearning for.  The helming, the never ending ocean views, the not knowing of what the ocean and weather systems will presnt us with, the dolphins, the stars and monnlit night skies, sunrises; something I will be more than ready for.

In the meantime, I have to focus on my business growth, because the desire to have my own boat is becoming even stronger.  I already have a name for her, already know the essentials I want on board. She will be my home, and I am looking forward to moving in, sailing the world with my dogs and the visits from my boys and friends who are game enough to leave land.

Until that time, taking time out from being on the ocean to build my team, accelerate my media career, coach clients, work on the 8 part TV drama series spin off from Crossing The Line and complete my next manuscript ‘Moana’ I have plenty to keep me occupied in between my walks along the beach, spa sessions and reading endless books.

Take a time out folks, daily and weekly, it is needed, more than you know.  Honour yourself, develop your vision for the future and enjoy simply being in the moment.

Life is for living and enjoying, not existing and struggling; so enjoy your life so much it inspires you.

Ciao for now,

With love as always,


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