What's an author coach?“Dawn, what do you actually do?”


“WOW! I didn’t know you did all that!”

This question and statement are becoming more and more popular as I, the ‘best kept secret’ in the world of publishing and high end coaching, have become less of a secret.

What I am realising more and more is that PR companies are encouraging entrepreneurs to write books just for the sake of being seen as an expert in their field, when most people are not experts and really have nothing different or enlightening to say.

These PR boosting books which are being written and graced with clip art and mediocre (at best) covers are not always a book of substance, nor are they adding any value to the world of literature. Call me a snob, but the most of these half arsed ‘publish for PR’ books I see being promoted, the more I know my work is taking an even more important role in the world.

It is not enough for the leaders and entrepreneurs to just ‘write a book’ to get onto podcasts or onto TV, nor is it enough to write a ‘book’ of 10,000 words with little to no substance.

To elevate our standing in the world, a world which is full of low level thinking and fake ass finery, it is essential that if we are going to write a book to elevate ourselves into an authority, or to expand our brand, then we actually have to write a book that means something, a book which changes the human condition and has a profound impact on humanity.

Impacting humanity and fighting for social justice doesn’t mean chaining ourselves to trees, camping out all night and all month in front of parliament buildings. It also doesn’t mean taking to the streets and protesting or being aggressive in our speech, combined with the stereotypical unwashed, unshaved grizzlies out there.

Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword and whilst the social media platforms are doing their best to brainwash people into thinking that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and many are falling for it, those of us who write books of substance are raising an awareness unexpected on the state of the world simply be default.

Many of the books being published simply for pr purposes or the collection of yet another title to add to the never ending list of ego rubs, never get read and many of the authors never make any money from their books.

I truly believe that to write a book is an honour, and a gift, so when a client works with me, I make sure they have as many opportunities to be heard, seen and paid as possible. The marketing and pr assets my team and I produce for them they can adapt and reuse over and over again.

When I receive a manuscript, I read through it three times. Once with my editing software, the second time with my publishing marketeers head on and the third time with my readers head on. From those three read throughs I am making notes on product spectrums, market avenues, elevating the authors life and business, contacts I can introduce them to, and a whole lot more besides.

Creating a vision with my clients excites us both, and whilst I do all of this with my clients, it really is down to them at the end of the day as to how they use and implent the ideas we create together. Their whole life is looked at, how they show up and how they wish to live their life.

Finding out about what is blocking them from being the most successful version of themselves as an author and as an entrepreneur is always an interesting process.

I have been creating and updating the resources for up and coming authors, as well as those who are already published but want more results from their authorlife. These will soon be available here on the website, in addition to the Author Top Tips I created a couple of years back.

Everything in my business is having a make over, and new content is always coming out so I can serve leaders and those with a story to tell at an even higher level.

To have access to a book is to have access to knowledge, and when 12% of the world still cannot read, and 86% only have a basic level of literacy, there is still a lot to do in the world when it comes to improving lifestyle and erradicating poverty. This is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about elevating the standard of books being published.

For those of us who have had opportunities to learn, create abundance and start businesses, we have a duty and a responsibility to do more with literature rather than just use it for PR and getting ahead. So if you are someone who really truly wants to get ahead, whilst writing a book of substance which can change the world, then consider joining me for the AUTHORity MasterMind.

For all other opportunities to work with me, send me a message via the contact form on this website and I will get back to you soon.

Until then, happy reading, writing and learning, three of the greatest gifts you are blessed to have in your life.

Ciao for now!

And remember, to enjoy the ride, wherever it takes you!

Dawn x