Time for tea“You need to become the next Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard or Gary Vee”

Er… No I don’t.

And here is why.

When this list of names was given to me, I was sat there thinking….

“These are all men who have dominated the personal development world for the past twenty years, and it is about time people released the social conditioning that these three are the be all and end all of the coaching world. 

Plus, where are the women on this list!?”

I have never been a fan of Tony Robbins. There is something about him that I just don’t like, and I have ignored my intuion far too many times to ignore it when it does ‘the thing’ it does when I see this man talk.

Don’t get me wrong, he has had incredible results, and he may be a really nice guy, but no. He’s not for me.

I know! Shock horror someone in the professional development industry slating the God of Life Coaching?!? How dare I? Oh I dare!

Then there is Brendon Burchard. Another one that just does not resonate with me, and for many reasons of which I will not go into, but oh my days, really?

The only one of these three that I have any time for is Gary Vee. That man I would be happy to spend time with, having a back and forth, game of basketball and banter, whilst deep diving into conversation over a plate of food.

And here’s the thing…

Why are these all men, and all Americans?

What is this saying to the world when people cannot think of a high level success coach that isn’t male, and isn’t a?n American?

We also have to take a look at how long Tony Robbins has been in the industry. He’s been ‘active’ in the motivational sector for 43 years and was in the right place at the right time, ready to ride the wave of the Human Potential movement as it rose into what it is today.

I know he has millions of fans around the world, and I also know his content is used by millions of coaches the world over. His first three mentors were Jim Rohn, John Grinder and Peter Guber. Again all men.

This was great back in the day, but we are no longer in 1978, some 43 years ago. We are in 2021 and the world is changing. It is time for people to start looking at the new leaders in the world, and when I say leaders… I mean leaders, ones who have also been through the trenches and have content of substance.

It is time for the male dominated world of coaching to wake up and realise that many of us female leaders and coaches may have been at home giving birth to families whilst these men were gracing the stages of America, a country known around the world of the over inflated ego, but we are here, and we are here to lead humanity into the new world of awakening. 

A world that is no longer built on ‘bro-marketing’, or the ‘gung ho approach’ to jumping about on stages, whooping and performing as if we were in the wrestling ring with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

Nor is it acceptable for coaches who work for organisations such as Brendon Burchard to become ‘mini Brendan’s’ squashing their own style or personality in order to kiss his arse and get paid shockingly low fees for the pleasure of doing so.

Many of us female leaders and coaches have been watching, leading and adapting ready to take over whilst raising the future generations; and it is irrelevant as to whether you call us motivational, life, transformational or business coaches. We get results and we get them fast.

The problem is we have been watching. We have allowed ourselves to be “baby put in the corner” and have not been stepping up and claiming our space on the global stages. We have also been overlooked because we are women having children and supporting the men.

As women, we have the power of conceiving and growing life within our womb space and giving birth to life itself through the powerful gateway of pleasure…  our vaginas. This epicentre of life is a powerful force like no other, and one of the reasons women have been silenced for centuries.

No more.

We are here, and we are here to stay.

And no, this is not some feminist rant but it is a wake up call for all those women who are incredible at what they do and yet still play small.

Yes, Tony Robbins is an author, a motivational speaker, and life coach.

Guess what?

So am I, so are many other women.

And yet when a list of names is given about the power houses in the life coaching industry, how many women can you think of?

And how many of those women are from outside of the US?

The world is waking up on a whole new level and it is time for us female life / motivational / success / leadership coaches to own our bloody ovaries and lead the world to the next level of greatness instead of hiding!

We too can become multi millionaire authors, coaches, speakers and philantropists.

We too can become the household names when it comes to the personal development industry.

And we too can light up a stage and change the world.

The only question is this:

Are we prepared to do this?

And if not now, when?

And if not you, or me, then who?

If you are ready to lead, to publish that game changing book you know will pivot your career, and you are ready to utilise your success and influence on a whole new level, diving deeper than you have ever done before, then maybe, just maybe you are ready to join me for the publishing deal of the decade!

Until then, own that feminine fire, own those ovaries and let’s put women on the quick fire list of global coaches – not just American coaches, but GLOBAL coaches.

I am Dawn Bates, and I am here to lead you to your next level, so book a call with me and let’s unleash the power of women onto the global stage in the most beautiful, divine way possible!

Ciao for now senoras!!