How Long Does It Take To Publish A Book?

Kelt, my fur baby Lhasa Apso who kept me walking whilst writing my book Walaahi One of the questions I get asked most is "How long does it take to publish a book?" and the second most asked question is "What kind of timeline should I be looking at to get my book published?". Some people cannot believe that I wrote my second book Walaahi in 7 days and had [...]

I Am Anti-Women’s Rights

Dawn Bates in solidarity with her niqaab wearing Islamic sisters - a sign of protest which has had many women around the world requesting Dawn remove the image from her branding. A few days ago I ventured into a conversation with a colleague over the issue of the fines being handed out in Switzerland to women who choose to wear the niqaab. We were discussing the issue on his LinkedIn [...]

Deja vu and the surrealness of time.

Ocean View Hunstanton It all happened in what seemed like a moment, but in actual fact it had been building for a long time. The need to see my two sons after so much time apart was stronger than any contractions I experienced when bringing them into this world. During this time apart we've learnt what each of us are willing to do and not willing to do in order [...]

The Day After Winning An Award

Two days ago I received the news I had won the CREA GLOBAL Award, presented to the writers around the world by Brainz Magazine for making an impact in the world with their work. I read the email once, twice and then a few more times before the news sunk in. And then I had to process the emotions that came with winning it. The pressure I felt to prove I was [...]

When is enough, enough?

Did your parents ever say to you the following phrase "I'm working my backside off just to keep a roof over your head!"? Or words to that effect? Did you watch them work themselves ragged, exhausted at the end of each day, and the beginning of the next because they were working three and four jobs just to keep that roof, and to feed and clothe you? Whether this was your experience [...]

Banned from LinkedIn

How crazy is cancel culture going to get? As someone who has dedicated her life to understanding others and standing up to injustices around the world, I knew educating people on the various guises of human rights and social justice was probably going to be a challenge. With cancel culture, and the dictatorial social media platforms appeasing the masses, standing up for human rights and social justice is becoming increasingly difficult. But [...]

No One Cares About You

Imagine getting present to the realisation that no one cares about you. And the belief you had that all the declarations of "I love you", "love you lots" and "sending love" actually meant something, Only to find out the moment you disappear from everyone's sight, is the moment the friendships you thought you had, were not friendships at all. Imagine the depth of insecurity that would bring up, along with the feelings [...]

The Potent Power of Menopause

Recently there has been an increase in the number of business leaders talking about superpowers. Spinning around in phones boxes then emerging with knee high boots, tights on underneath my knickers, with a cape hanging off my shoulders, doesn't really appeal to me to be honest. And not just because wearing tights without my undies rubbing up against all that is divine and sacred, would be terribly uncomfortable, But because knee high [...]

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