Cor blimey guv’nor!

Has it really been six months since I last posted a blog? Certainly looks like it doesn’t it!

For those who have been following me over on social media you will know there have been a number of book launches, and for those who regularly use my services tab on the website to book time with me, you will have seen a few changes there too.

The team and I have been streamlining everything, making things easier, not just for us, but also for you the guests to my home on the internet, and my growing family of authors.

New team members have come on board, taking on tasks so I can serve you all at the highest level possible and create more content for my readers and listeners.

Many people have been distracted by the global propaganda filling every media outlet known to man and living in fear of an invisible enemy.

Interesting how the powers that be have chosen something we cannot see to divide and conquer us this time, rather than sticking to the colour of our skin and the deities we believe in. 

All that aside though, writing my latest series of books The Sacral Series has been both a labour of love and respect to those who shared their stories with me, and a eneregetic release like no other.

Leila, the second book in The Sacral Series was quite a relatively recent story shared with me, whilst Pandora, the story I finished last week, has been with me for twenty years. Letting go of these stories gifted to me has allowed my mind to focus on other aspects of my business, much like bringing on the new members of the team.

Any business which is not growing, serving clients at the highest level AND making money to reinvest and create positive change in the world is not a business (in my honesst opinion). It is in a stagnant space not going anywhere, and a bit like running on a treadmill getting nowhere. 

Breathing in no doubt recycled air conditioned air which leads to ill health and shared dis-ease, but what do I know hey? I am apparently just one of those conspiracy theorists who believe that the situation at hand is a much bigger issue having done so much research instead of ‘listening to the telly’, and not just over this last year either, but for decades.

As we anything we will all disagree on many things. How to raise children, how to run a business, how to dress and how to travel. Speaking of which, since my last blog post I have left my quarantined home of 2020 in Argentina, and made my way to Brasil. Apparently according to the UK news channels my mother listens to is the worst country in the world for the spread of these invisible monsters polluting our bodies.

One thing that amazes me though is just how bloody clever these monsters are. They can tell time and measure distances better than most humans and know when to sit still and be quiet whilst we have our dinner. How many parents would love their children to be able to do all this?

I know my opinions are not popular with the masses, but that has never bothered me. I don’t want to be like the masses, as I mentioned, along with the mass regurgitation of content flooding the world of business in my latest article for the House of PreEminence.

The news channels have been awash with what I have been getting up to aswell thanks to the team at MSP News Global who have been handling the PR for my up and coming Ascended Masters 7 Months AUTHORity MasterMind – 7 powerful modules with 7 topics per module for those who are really series about taking their leadership and voice for social justice to an even greater level of impact.

Why do I tell you all this?

Well because the media will have you believe that everything is doom and gloom, but it isn’t. That is just a narrative they want you to believe so you go into scarcity and fear, which fills your body with toxic chemicals naturally produced in your body.

Once you are in fear you are easier to manipulate and control. You’ll do pretty much anything they tell you to do, just like a lot of coaches who will put you into scarcity and fear of not being enough, or having enough. Those coaches, and spiritual healers, are some of the most manipulative people on the planet, and I stay well away from them.

We’re all different though, and whilst some people will write a blog post that is very journalistic and selling their latest offers, I like to think of those of you who come across my site as friends I have not yet met, or friends who are generally interested in what’s happening over here in the world of Dawn…. wherever I happen to be in the world these days.

Which reminds me, the first book in The Mermaid’s Guide Series will be out soon. A new addition to the collection and this one will be about how to live life as a Digital Nomad, and that’s a real nomad, not a holiday maker or a backpacker returning home after periods of time.

Anyway, that’s enough from me today, I have a training and team call with the ladies from my Phoneix Uprising Group and my authors in the AUTHORity Coaching Group

Wherever you are in the world folks, enjoy the moments gifted to you. They are precious and so are you.

Much love, as always,

Dawn aka Ms Mermaid (And we all know that is a Banksy mermaid and nothing to do with the evil that is Disney).