Creating multiple income streams for my business as a solepreneur has been both easy and challenging.  As a single mum, I’ve had to create automated income streams that fit around the morning routine with my boys and the precious family time that belongs solely to my boys.. unless they approve you first that is!

Writing my books has been both very valuable to enable my clients to understand the way I think and what I have achieved so they know what to expect when working with me.  Practicing what I preach, rather than just preaching!

I created a list a few months ago of all the different income streams I could create, and so far I’m up to 50.  Will I implement them all? Maybe, maybe not, but so far I have 6 on the go, with another 6 planned in the next 2 months, adding a further 4 by the end of October, that’s another 6 months away.

This week I launched Share Your Story™ my new members only online author coaching group.  By the end of this year, this group will be populated with at least 150 members and I will have enabled 50 new authors achieve their dream of becoming a best seller in their preferred genre.  Are you going to be one of my 50?

Having been an avid reader all my life, I have been known to walk down the street reading.  If I leave the house without a book to read, or at least my journal to write more book and business ideas in, well, quite frankly I feel almost naked! I get distracted by books like Augustus Gloop got distracted in Willy Wonkers chocolate factory, I just can’t get enough of them.  I’ve even taken to reading them on my phones kindle app… but sshhhh!! Don’t tell anyone!

Some people are addicted to sugar, some addicted to sex (I know which one I prefer!) but me, I am addicted to books! They provide escapism, knowledge, adventures, new recipes, connections to the past and other parts of the world; and the greatest thing for me about books since becoming an author… I get invited to speak at events; I get to share my story with others around the world! I get to make a positive impact on a global scale! Now THAT is AWESOME! The extra income is an added bonus, especially when my boys bring home a letter for the latest residential trip – which they have now started to work out how many books I need to sell to pay for it, and are coming up with their own ways to sell my books so they can go! Nothing like teaching my boys the entrepreneurial spirit!

How many income streams do you have for your business? To fund your lifestyle? And how are you teaching your children the value of money and how to make it, rather than simply earn it? Comment below!