For years you have known you are different to everyone else.
You have always been on this mission to be the very best version of yourself. Reading books, attending training course after training course. Building upon your knowledge, and investing in yourself.

Then the time comes where you decide to go it alone.
You believe in yourself and your mission.
You play full out.
You put the hours in.
You do the work.
You hire people either as suppliers or as employees.
You share your message with your friends but none of them help you achieve your dreams.
Your suppliers are only interested in their own business.
They don’t recommend you to colleagues or friends, they are just looking after themselves.
You realise this is a one sided arrangement, and things need to change.
Surely they get the simple fact that the better you do, the better they do?
The more you support each others growth, the longer they will stay in business.
A win-win-win surely?

Then there are your friends.
All too happy to like a picture of your pets, or you on a night out.
You see people sharing photos of being trashed, and the more trashed they look or report to be, the more likes they get, the more comments and shares, but when it comes to you promoting your business, product or service, it is like a ghost town.
All but one person shares your offers on your social media page, whilst everyone else pretends to not have seen it.
They are too busy watching people getting trashed or puppies doing cute things to help a friend out.

And you begin to wonder… why am I surrounding myself with these people?
Do these friends really believe in me?
Do they want me to achieve success?
Do they simply prefer to see people covered in vomit on a night out rather than help a friend do something amazing to achieve their dreams?
That’s when you know you have to take a step back.
You start to distance your self from them.
You start to refuse nights out,
You don’t go out to meet people,
You become a loner, just focusing on your goals, only socialising from a distance. It’s easier to hide your disappointment and solitude that way.

You start to go inside yourself.
How did you become friends with these people when you are so vastly different?
Why are you not worth a click of a button for them to share your offers to their friends on social media?
Why can they not spend 5 minutes to write a testimonial about you?
Or simply invest in one of your products and then write a review?
Why do they never ask how business is going?
Why do they not support you in your goals?

You start to feel as though everyone is just using you,
Wanting your knowledge and expertise, that you have invested huge amounts of money in, but they want it for free.
They don’t care that you also have bills to pay, or holidays you wish to take.
They don’t care about you at all, all they care about is themselves.
You feel as though they are raping your energy.
You feel drained by them.
You sit there with your head in your hands, your heart filled with doubt and you cry.

You cry because you have allowed them to drain you, and you can’t do this any more.
You can’t be surrounded by scarcity and negativity.
You can’t allow them to use you anymore.
You have allowed them to feed your ego, as humble as it might be.
You’ve allowed them to build you up with their empty words and false promises.
You’ve allowed yourself to waste time with them,
You’ve allowed them to distract you from your goals.,
You’ve allowed them to take you further away from your dream life.

They value what you say,
They tell you that you inspire them, but not enough to work with you and invest in themselves.
They keep making excuses, dressed up as valid reasons.
And you finally know these are not your people.
Your people are the ones who will invest in themselves.
Your people are the ones who constantly strive to be the very best that they can be,
The ones who will always support you,
They share your posts on social media,
They recommend you to their friends, family, neighbours, their employer, hell even the stranger you meet in the cafe!
They buy your products,
They invest in themselves by paying for your services,
And they are the ones who will grow with you.
But first you must grow and make that break.

I get it. All of it. I’ve been there.
And I have come out of it the other side.
I have found soul mates around the world by taking my business on line, I have a team of people working with me in at least 4 different countries and the ones I am up levelling with are from all time zones and countries from around the world. I had to go on line to find those who truly got me, and the more I invested in each training course, each coach, each mentor, the more people like me started to show up.
I stepped away from those who would never be seen dead searching for free food or even reduced food in the supermarkets but were happy to only do a course if it was free.
Don’t get me wrong, signing up for the free stuff works. I even offer free challenges to others so they get to know me and trust my knowledge; but those who are the hunters of freebies will never be your people if you are an investor of your future. Those that haggle over price don’t know your worth. Do not respect your knowledge or experience and you are not born to serve those people, because they are not serving themselves. No one can serve these people until they start serving themselves, investing in themselves, in their futures and in the futures of their children and their parents.

You, and I, were made for better things. For the finer things in life, because we know our own self worth.

So do what you need to do to surround yourself with people who get you, who value you and will support you.
Everyone else is simply excess baggage.
I see you.
I hear you.
I feel you.

And when you are ready to hire a kick ass high vibing coach, you know where I am!

Much love,