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Get Published!

With so much to learn and with so many tasks to do, you could do them all yourself or you could allow us to help you.

Having built a strong team to ensure my books are of the highest quality and my books get seen and sold the world over, a team which has been with me for many years, I invite you to consider being published by Dawn Publishing.

We will work with you, from your initial idea to launching your book. Our publishing services are not the get rich quick schemes and we do not promise you millions overnight.

We work WITH YOU, and provided you implement the strategy and ideas consistently and over time there is no reason why you should not reach 1 million readers and live very comfortably off your royalties for the rest of your days.

Need your manuscript assessed?

At Dawn Bates International (DBI) we offer three different options for your manuscript assessment.

  1. First draft manuscript assessment: $1555USD
  2. Final draft manuscript assessment: $1555USD
  3. Ongoing manuscript assessment: ➢ Included with private 1:1 coaching

If you are at the beginning of your author journey, or have just started and would like to select the 3rd option, then please contact us using

To talk more about our publishing services, please schedule an appointment below and we can get started.