Books by Jocelyn Bellows

Break Down to Wake Up 

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Curated and led by Jocelyn Bellows, sixteen global influencers came together from over five different continents around the world to share with you their own painful experiences which led them all to the biggest wake up calls of their lives.

They are not easy reads for the most part, nor are they meant to be. Courage, strength and growth never comes without a certain amount of pain and suffering, and as you will read from these heart wrenching, and heart-warming stories, there is always hope on the other side of rock bottom.

With stories about alcohol and drug addiction, parental pressures from multiple perspectives, the wounded masculine energy healed through the work of tantra, distorted views of the world due to religion and the world of law, body consciousness and the ageing process, this book delivers an awakening for all who read it, and offers a beacon of light in the dark who need it.  It offers understanding, whilst also educating and informing us of the struggles others face, and the struggles we are doing our best to ignore or avoid in our own lives. With pages for reflection, it really is a book for your journey beyond the now.