As many people are working in a job or have chosen a career path which they no longer enjoy, Dawn knew from her years of developing teams and coaching people, she had the skills, experience and know-how to help them break free. She also understands one of the biggest threats facing people today in the world of employment is redundancy due the automation process due to advances in technology.

Again Dawn knew she could help out here, especially as recruitment agencies do not offer Career Coaching to those seeking new employment.

Finding work isn’t simply about looking at what’s available, it is about understanding WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU WANT from life. It is about understanding and discovering YOUR DREAM LIFE. Only when you understand these elements will you jump out of bed excited to begin the day!

So if you are looking for that career change, or a recruitment company looking to offer your clients the chance to work with a powerful international Career Coach, then email Dawn for more details.

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