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The Molecule Shakers is the Facebook group where Dawn shares quality content, including live training, insights, quotes and live interviews on how to accelerate your life.

This is an online group designed to give you a supportive community and encourage you to share your story with others, so you can be inspired, inspire others and consider the possibility of sharing your story on a much larger global stage through the medium of public speaking, authoring books, creating TV & radio series as well as films, writing songs and music, delivering comedy sketches and of course blogging your way to success!

With four levels of membership, you get to choose what works best for you, where you are at and of course the investment you are prepared to make.

Use this form to ask about membership levels and fees for the Molecule Shakers online community. When you join, Dawn will send you a free copy of her e-book: “Why You Should Write A Book”

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