Appearing on podcasts around the world and speaking on an array of subjects, you can catch up on just some of the conversations Dawn has been part of. 

Just be warned, she’s not for the faint-hearted and will open your mind, as well as make you smile and giggle with her very own trademark giggle! 

10 Minute Mindset 550 podcast

10 Minute Mindset 551 podcast

Bravemasters podcast

‘From Where I Sit’ podcast

‘Stop Living a Life of Should’ podcast

Bea Marshall: An Interview with Dawn Bates
UK 2017

Sara Connell: Best Selling Author Series Interview with Dawn Bates
US 2019

Blonde Bombshell Podcast interview with Megan Fenyoe and Dr Stacey Zholtnik
US 2019

Nisaa Podcast Interview following the TV Documentary with Channel 4
UK 2008

Liveaboard Interview with Jenee Michelle of Salt & Siren
US 2019

Explore with Bianca Spears
Aus 2019