The Mermaid’s Guide Series

 by Dawn Bates

Bringing together almost 25 years of professional expertise, experience of living and working in more than 40 countries across 4 continents, human rights activism and a never ending life of study into history, culture and the human psyche, better known as anthropology, Dawn is currently working on a new series of books harnessing the power of her inner ‘Banksy Mermaid’.

Mermaid’s are not the sweet, sickly stuff of Disney, in fact these ocean beauties are as mysterious and mystical as they are enchanting. Were they real? Are they real? Who knows, but being inspired by her beloved ocean and the depths it goes to, Dawn brings to you a series of books which will take you deeper than you have been before, through the lens of someone who speaks multiple languages and gets to call many countries home.

Titles include books on

  • Leadership and what it actually means to us all
  • Cultural diversity in oneself and others
  • Environmental issues (not just planetary!)
  • Sailing the world as an outsider
  • Women and how modern day Feminism is an insult to women
  • Long Distance Parenting as a mother
  • Food, Glorious Food!
  • Languages of the world spoken and felt
  • Witches, Shamans and Religion

These books are sure to become firm favourites, even if you had never considered reading about the various subjects previously.

They will of course be written in Dawn’s own unique style of no nonsense, funny brilliance, which will bridge the gap between the academics, politicians and those of us who do not wish to use a dictionary to understand the sentences we read.

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Mermaid's Guide - Being a Digital Nomad

Being a Digital Nomad

Book One in the Mermaid’s Guide Series

Dawn Bates is back again with a book that will have you either grabbing your rucksack and passport, and jumping on the first plane to anywhere – or, in her case sailboat – or have you wondering why on earth anyone would want to live life as a digital nomad, especially an ocean nomad!

Known for her honest and straight-talking books, Dawn has written both a reference guide and autobiographical journey, sharing with you what it is like being a digital nomad as a forty-something mother of two (four if you count the dogs), whilst running a truly global business as she sails the world writing and publishing books, coaching clients to create business blueprints and leadership skills that prepare them for the new economy.

With the humour readers have come to expect from her, and the molecule shaking wake-up calls, this is probably the most honest and frank book on the market when it comes to living life as a digital nomad.

Available to buy soon!