Books by Nath Brye

Slave Boy



The Demon-child. Taken from his family at five seasons of age and thrust into a life of slavery. Given a label he did not deserve after an unlucky incident that happened during the raid on his village.

Ripped from the arms of his parents, sailed to a far-away land and forced into a life of cruelty, beatings and death. The only memory he has of home is the last time he saw his mother. His mother was beaten badly and being held down on the ground by Outlanders. He is forced to grow up fast, forced to defend himself and forced to deal with his growing anger and swirling emotions.

Then, as if his life was not hard enough, he is thrown into the pit to fight for his life time and time again. A story of one slave’s life from child to manhood, the friends he makes along the way and the journey, he finds himself on a journey he never asked for but is undertaking none the less. A journey that will see him dead if he is not careful.

A journey that has no happy ending! Or does it?