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When the game changed…

When the game changed for you, what was it that made you finally take action?

What were the emotions and thoughts going through your body and your mind?

Whatever they were, they were powerful enough for you to know that life could not continue on the trajectory it was heading; without serious […]

How writing changes the world

Discovering fire was a game changer for humanity, but have you ever really considered how writing changes the world?

And can change your world?

From cave drawings, to fossilised communications, to ‘ugg uggs’ around the newly discovered campfire, humans have always communicated.

We see it now with the look of love between parent […]

Why can’t you just tell the truth?

One of the phrases I used to hear teachers say to pupils back in my teaching days was “Why can’t you just tell the truth?”.

One of the things we long for as parents, and actively encourage, is for our chidren to tell the truth.

In relationships we want the truth.

As employees, […]

It’s only pizza Dawn!

“It’s only pizza Dawn!” A phrase that kept going round and round in my head just a few days ago, along with the phrase “Give yourself a break”

But it wasn’t just about pizza.

It was gluten, cow’s milk, processed food, food I hadn’t made; and it was carbs.

And it triggered the […]

Tell me what to do

Ever said to someone “You can’t tell me what to do!”, or at least thought about saying it?

Hmmm, me too.

It’s the rebellious streak in me; you too probably.

It’s been one of the most powerful drivers in my life.

I have broken all the rules this last week when it comes to […]

And then I started crying

This morning I opened my What’s App message from my youngest son, and then I started crying.

“Are we cancelling the flights?” was all he had written; and with this simple questions my eyes filled with tears.

And even as I write this, they are still falling.

You see, they were supposed to […]

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