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The Chess Game of Co-parenting

You think things are going well, and then the chess game of co-parenting starts to raise it’s ugly head.

You’ve done all you can, or so you thought.

You didn’t drag them through the divorce courts, because let’s face it, the only winners there are the lawyers.

You have allowed them to choose […]

You don’t need fixing.

You don’t need fixing, because you are not broken.

I want you to read that again, but this time say “I don’t need fixing, because I am not broken”.

None of us are broken.

We are just really great at telling ourselves we are; some of us more so than others.

We beat ourselves […]

When are you going to start putting yourself first?

I was going to write a whole different post, but I just feel I need to address the issue of women putting themselves first before I write the other post.

One of the things many of my female clients have all had to work on is putting themselves first.

So many women […]

Time to BOSE

Having created the outines for the 7 Modules in the Feminine Alpha Author Course, I grabbed my BOSE Mini SoundLink and said “Right then! It’s time to BOSE!”.

Time to BOSE isn’t just about laying on a beach in the sun, or relaxing on the beach by a fire, or […]

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