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By Dawn Bates

Melting the ice – one dive at a time

He was outgoing, the shining star in the social firmament. She was reserved and timid as a mouse. He seemed to have it all; the notoriety, the love of the community, the successful business and the money that came with it. She rarely left the house and had the love of a man who protected her fiercely.

And then there was Pandora.

A defiant loner, quiet like her mother, she was obsessed with cold water, with holding her breath until she turned blue, scaring her mother and father. Disappearing for days, she would return only to disappear again into her room and into her books.

Each was locked inside their own secret, all held together by one single thread, which if revealed, would bring their community to its knees.

The question was wether to save face, family and fortune, or to save others?

The Sacra Series

PANDORA is book 3 in The Sacral Series