You’re at a crossroads in your life, but which way to turn?

  • leaving a job to set up your own business
  • taking your life and business location free
  • changing the direction of your business
  • wanting to create additional income streams
  • wanting to increase the prices you charge
  • develop your next level products and digital assets

Or simply in need of a kick to the booty, surrounding yourself with like-minded women who will give you some straight-forward, upfront honesty is one of the best things you can do.

Over the 21 Days, you will receive each day an email which includes up to 5 powerful journaling questions, some actions points to consider and a 7-15-minute video.

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She is one of the leading experts in the world when it comes to transforming lives and businesses, so if you wish to elevate your life, your thinking and your business then click on this link and rise with us.

Phoenix Challenge

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Ongoing weekly zoom trainings on a variety of different subjects

New ways of thinking, being and achieving for life!

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When you rise to the Phoenix challenge…

Amberlee Jayde

Amberlee Jayde

Amberlee grew up wanting to be an actress, and succeeded. Then she became a mother and her journey changed.

Diving deep into her own soul she realised she wanted more, and instead of being seen on the stage and screen she created Digital Village – an opportunity for her enable others to be seen through her powerful series of interviews on a wide range of topics.

Through the power of the internet, she uses Digital Village to raise parents consciousness and fall in love with themselves.

Krysie James

Krysie James

Krysie wanted to create a global LOVE movement for Sexual and Mental Health aimed at those coming to terms with their sexual orientation and has just launched The Blue Butterfly’s Garden!

It was still a seed of an idea when she invested and now…

Dawn Louise Bates thank you lovely! Wouldn’t have gotten this far already without the 21 Day Vision Creation Challenge!

Clare Coffield

Clare Coffield

Clare moved from one side of the world to the other to be closer to her son and grandchildren. She was also an incredible leader and during a lecture she was delivering she was struck down by a stroke. Not one to allow something like that to stop her, Clare has pushed through and now has a new vision of creating a new community for herself and others of her own age and utilising her professional skills to inspire and motivate others. Clare is now in the process of writing her first book ‘The Stroke Warrior’ aimed at transforming how we view the recovery and support of Stroke Survivors and their families.

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