Regardless of which stage you’re at in your success journey, whether you are thinking of …

  • Using your success and influence to lead a social movement or community project
  • Leaving your current employment to set up your own business
  • Taking your life and business location free
  • A step change or new direction for your business
  • Creating additional incomes streams or increase your prices
  • Developing your next level products and digital assets

Or simply in need of a kick to the booty and know you really need to elevate your networking with like-minded women who will give you some straight-forward, upfront honesty, then the Phoenix UPRising Network is for you.

Upon joining this network you will receive the 21 Day Lifestyle Reboot, daily emails which include up to 5 powerful journaling questions, some actions points to consider and a 7-15-minute video.

Once you’re in the Phoenix UPRising Network, you will get to network with Dawn directly, connect and collaborate with others in the group and attend the monthly networking, coaching and Q&A events, hosted by Dawn, free of charge.

Those who work with Dawn on a 1:1 basis will also have the opportunity to deliver their own trainings 21 Day Business and Lifestyle Reboots.

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When you sign up, you’ll receive…

An email everyday with action points and journaling prompts to get you in action and diving deeper into what you truly want

A daily inspirational 7-15 minute training video to encourage you to think differently and motivate you

Ongoing monthly zoom training, coaching and Q&A events on a variety of subjects

When you rise to the Phoenix challenge…

Amberlee Jayde

Amberlee Jayde

Amberlee grew up wanting to be an actress, and succeeded. Then she became a mother and her journey changed.

Diving deep into her own soul she realised she wanted more, and instead of being seen on the stage and screen she created Digital Village – an opportunity for her enable others to be seen through her powerful series of interviews on a wide range of topics.

Through the power of the internet, she uses Digital Village to raise parents consciousness and fall in love with themselves.

Laarni Mulvey

Laarni Mulvey

Being in the Phoenix Uprising group, networking with the other ladies and running the 21-day reboot not only helped explore my creativity, it built my confidence, my passion of strength, and allowed me to harness my voice.

I have transformed into a Speaker, Author, and Women’s Strength Advocate and I credit doing the 21-day reboot with Dawn that brought out the power I never thought I had.

Learn the journey of how ‘I Built Her’ and my Tools Of Strength Program by connecting with me at

Su Winsbury

Su Winsbury

Being a part of the Phoenix Uprising Network is a true honour. The group is incredibly supportive and has an ethos of collaboration, respect, and encouragement.

Sharing my 21 Day Energy Reboot in Phoenix Uprising created an energy shift for me as much as it did for those who took part. My daily lives produced momentum and a true sense of commitment to myself as much as to the group. The growth and transformation of every woman who takes part in the 21 Day Lifestyle Reboot is palpable.

Dawn coaches with integrity, love and no BS. She has a depth to her coaching that is rare in this world of transformation and her passion for supporting conscious, truly transformative leaders is incomparable.

Su Winsbury is a Spiritual Coach & Mentor who empowers conscious leaders and change makers to Lead With Love, creating true transformation in the world with unshakeable integrity, alignment and soul. Su combines coaching with deep intuition, energy healing and a grounded, no-fluff approach to personal growth and conscious awakening.