Podcasts with Dawn Bates

Appearing on podcasts around the world and speaking on an array of subjects, you can catch up on just some of the conversations Dawn has been part of.

Just be warned, she’s not for the faint-hearted and will open your mind, as well as make you smile and giggle with her very own trademark giggle!

The Truth Serum Podcasts

Deep diving into a plethora of conversations and musings that will not only make you laugh, but also inform, enlighten and inspire you to rethink the world we live in, Dawn is here with her trademark giggle and inquisitive mind to go to the places many don’t want to go.

Dawn’s passion for making a positive difference in the world has led her to expand on the books she writes, and the conversations she has been having on other people’s shows around the world, to bring you the conversations she feels are needed in the world.

The Truth Serum is a powerful name in many respects, and a name which allows Dawn and her exclusive line up of guests to cover a multitude of subjects.

All the shows are unedited, unfiltered and real, presenting dances in conversations which cover everything and anything, ranging from social justice and human rights, parenting to what it is like to be a single successful woman in today’s world. We hope you enjoy the shows.

More podcasts with Dawn

sacral podcastsA nine part multi-episodic series of conversations to accompany the books.

We live in a society offended by swearing but not by sexual abuse. People sweating the small stuff, burying their heads in the sand and contributing to the problem due to their comatose state of ignorance.

These conversations will bring about awareness, give insights into the true depth of the problem in our day to day lives, not just on a global political scale, and bring about the much needed change in the global discourse surrounding sexual abuse and trauma.

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Finding Your Truth, Media Bias and Systemic Abuse

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mental mastery alliance

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mental mastery alliance

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A Passion for Loving Life with Special Guest Dawn Bates | 10 Minute Mindset

Less into Thinking and More into Feeling with Special Guest Dawn Bates | 10 Minute Mindset

Sara Connell: Best Selling Author Series
with Dawn Bates US 2019

Bea Marshall:
An Interview with Dawn Bates
UK 2017

with Bianca Spears
Aus 2019

Liveaboard with Jenee
Michelle of Salt & Siren
US 2019

Nisaa Interview following the TV Documentary
with Channel 4 UK 2008

Blonde Bombshell Podcast with
Megan Fenyoe and Dr Stacey Zholtnik US 2019

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