Chella Diaz: Financial Independence for Women

One of my all time favourite Latino women joins me today to discuss women and their money!

Far too many women are living a less than life and then blaming men for it because they cannot get jobs, promotions or the salary they want.

And as Chella shares, it all comes down to the energy they exude and the focus they bring to their own wants, dreams and goals… or lack of them!

So many women do not even know who they are, let alone know what they want to achieve in life or what is possible in the money stakes, so the easiest thing to do is blame men.

Chella has been a money mindset coach and energy healer for a long period of time, having sorted out her own money story and now works with both men and women to sort out their finances… not in a bookkeeper role but a kick ass financial coach!

Her wisdom and passion are delivered in a loving way, yet no nonsense way and it is one of the reasons why I love her!

You can book time with Chella by visiting her website