Mary Shirley: Compliance… The Benefits and The Pitfalls

Compliance means many things, and over the past few years compliance took on a very different meaning to the compliance that Mary Shirly talks about in her day job as a Corporate compliance executive. It has multiple diversity strands and Mary herself has 18 years of experience in-house, with government regulators and in compliance consultancy.

But does compliance also mean not thinking?

Does it mean following the rules without seeking alternative solutions which are innovative and respond to our ever fast paced changing world?

Do only those who work in governance, law and big pharma get to dictate what compliance is and should be?

Or when we look at the philosophers such as Kant and Hume from ‘back in the day’, can we see how making the majority of people happy still isn’t a truly useful working model.

What role does compliance have in the recent cancel culture and silencing of some of the greatest thinkers on the planet?

And what does Mary have to say about compliance when it comes to women? Some of the longest victims of compliance in the world? Are women really victims of compliance?

In Mary’s latest award winning book, Sending the Elevator Back Down, co-authored by Lisa Fine, Mary, you will find relatable witty stories of women in compliance, and what it means to smash stereotypes in a man’s world.

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