Tambry Harris: Thriving After Abuse

It takes real courage to speak out about any kind of trauma, especially sexual abuse. For some reason those of us who have experienced sexual abuse, whether as a child or as an adult, carry a shame and a guilt which is not ours to carry.

We protect the abuser by keeping their secret, and we keep the hurt, fear and feelings of being at fault to ourselves.

Until we don’t.

And it is that moment that we speak out that we regain our own power, and then when we keep speaking out, we inspire others to speak out too.

For Tambry Harris, transformational healing coach of more than twenty years, has embraced her power for speaking out, and has created a programme and written a book on her healing from sexual abuse, so she can support others in taking back their power.

Here in this episode we share our journeys and highlight some of the challenges and hopes we have in supporting others through various mediums and alternative healing practices.

You can connect with Tambry on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/tambry-harris-8a01b0b

Or via her website tambryharris.com