Teri Holland: Are You Manipulating People with NLP?

You know those ladies you do not want to mess with?

Well, meet Terri Holland, a woman who understands how NLP is used to manipulate people, and how it helped save her life, transforming her from the woman hiding in the shadows to the one standing front and centre on stages and organising events.

We discuss how our injuries have learnt to stay within our bodies, to not heal simply from the thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves. Why are we not healing our bodies? Why are we limiting ourselves and our health by sitting down in chairs all day long?

Understand why we both avoid those business coaches who market to coaches and promote the “Send me $1 and I will send you a book on how to make money on line”, as well as those who are pushing the 10k months and the 6-figure businesses, but nothing more.

And have you ever wondered what the difference between an NLP Practitioner and a coach is? And which is the better option – Terri says it is the results she gets almost instantly because NLP practitioners get to the core of the issue.

We also discuss the benefit of working with a range of modalities and different skill sets, and why it is so important to surround ourselves with practitioners who work within our skills set but with very different clients.

Then we go on to discuss the co-dependency that coaches create within their clients and why this is dangerous.