Moana – one woman’s journey back to self

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Her breathing became really shallow and laboured and the paramedics were talking about what was happening “milligrams of this, heart rate dropping, breathing erratic… need to get there quick” all of it sounding as though she was back underwater where she belonged. She imagined herself floating, sun on her face, bobbing along on the crest of the waves miles out to sea.

He said he loved her. Everything seemed perfect. She wanted to believe it. Apparently she’d find it hard to have someone else love her. One drunken night, he nearly killed her. In three years, she was spiked and raped twice, on nights out with him. Toxic narcissistic love, and this is just the beginning.

Moana is the first of nine true stories written as fiction, because sometimes you just can’t make this shit up.

Foreword by Sandra Rolus, Timeline Trauma Release Facilitator, Teacher and Trainer

The Sacral series

Moana is book 1 of 9 in the Sacral Series, a series of nine true stories written as fiction, which explores the vast aspects of abuse of individuals, by individuals, the state and the so called powers that be. The books contain powerful game changing discourse, highlighting social challenges around the subject of sexual abuse and trauma, whilst bringing to light alternative healing methods and choosing inner strength to prevent dependency on Big Pharma.

They are written in a way which engages, educates and empowers a change in the conversation, with peripheral characters highlighting the ignorance of certain behaviours in society and political agendas which need addressing, challenging and changing.

With an accompanying podcast series, one for each book, these stories are shared to bring about healing on many levels of society: attitudes, behaviours, policing, social policy and changes in the law.