The Sacral Series

Sacral Series by Dawn Bates

The Sacral Series – an anthology of nine true stories written as fiction, which explores the vast aspects of abuse of individuals, by individuals, the state and the so called powers that be. The books contain powerful game changing discourse, highlighting social challenges around the subject of sexual abuse and trauma, whilst bringing to light alternative healing methods and choosing inner strength to prevent dependency on Big Pharma.

They are written in a way which engages, educates and empowers a change in the conversation, with peripheral characters highlighting the ignorance of certain behaviours in society and political agendas which need addressing, challenging and changing.


One woman’s journey back to self.

Moana - Dawn Bates

Her breathing became really shallow and laboured and the paramedics were talking about what was happening “milligrams of this, heart rate dropping, breathing erratic… need to get there quick” …


A life renewed, one blank canvas at a time.

LEILA cover

Looking at her younger brother and sister, she knew something bad had happened. The silence in the house was no longer a welcome relief; it was deafening, all encompassing …